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Welcome to Zurich Train Station

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Being the major transit hub, Zurich Train Station is an important commute center for many. Dropping your bags at a nearby location of Zurich Train Station gives enough opportunities to explore the city with lugging your bags around. From enjoying the Old Town charm to appreciating the art at the Museums, left luggage adds the comfort of exploring hands-free.

Storing bags near the airport gives the convenience of picking the bags only when you are heading for your next destination. Vertoe is an instant luggage storage solution to make you go hands-free in many cities like this. Vertoe helps to store your bags and other personal belongings near the airport and other important transit locations to let you roll hands-free. At a starting price of $5.95, booking a storage space has become easier and much more affordable than ever. Vertoe stores your bags with uniquely coded tamper-proof seals and provides best in industry insurance coverage of $5000 for complete reliability and to provide highly secure baggage drop environment.

Vertoe currently runs 300+ active locations which makes it easier for users to locate a Vertoe store within a walkable distance from they might be exploring. Vertoe has an upper hand over any conventional luggage lockers which are expensive and have a limitation on location and storage choices. So, avail the convenience, safety, and affordability with Vertoe and go ahead and book your luggage storage space within 2 minutes on Vertoe’s responsive mobile optimized website.

Leave your bags with Vertoe and avail up to 30% off on your bookings

Who doesn't look for the convenience of roaming around hands-free? Leaving the bags safely at an approachable location to be able to pick it at a convenient time is the latest demand in the storage space. And if the storage space is near a transit spot, then the baggage drop becomes all the more comfortable.

With the options like storing your bags on an hourly or daily basis, insurance coverage on baggage storage and the ease of picking your baggage from where you might be heading ahead for your next expedition makes it a must do for your travel checklist. Simply book your baggage storage space and leave your luggage or personal belongings behind and do away with the hassle of dragging them along.

It is advised to call these storage centers beforehand and check exact pricing and availability. Booking these storage spaces in advance will always save you from the last minute change in plan.

Left Luggage Zurich Train Station

SBB Travel Center provides left luggage and luggage lockers facilities to store your bags at various train stations. At a cost of 10 CHF, you can leave your bags for up to 24 hours at the ticket counter. Lockers cost 5 CHF for small lockers, 7 CHF for medium, 9 CHF for large, 10 CHF for extra large and 12 CHF for XXL baggage size for up to 6 hours. Check out the price list from here.

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Other transit spots at Zurich with Left Luggage facilities

Left Luggage options at Zurich Airport

Baggage storage and luggage lockers are available at Zurich Airport.

  • Left Luggage Storage: Baggage storage starts from 4 hours to up to 3 months depending on the storage item. The cost starts from 5 CHF for 4 hours to 8 CHF for 24 hours for small items and 7 CHF to 12 CHF for bigger items. Every additional hour costs 5 CHF and 7 CHF for smaller and bigger baggage respectively. Clothing and shopping bags incur a different cost.

  • Lockers: The price of lockers starts from 6 CHF per 12 hrs for small lockers, 8 CHF per 12 hours for medium lockers and 9 CHF per 12 hours for large lockers. The prices changes on an hourly basis.

Check the entire price list of left luggage and luggage lockers here.

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