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Book your luggage storage in Philadelphia with Vertoe

Storing your luggage in Philadelphia is the easiest task to strike off your checklist. When you are gearing up to dive into the rich history and revolutionary sites of Philadelphia, struggling to leave your bags behind to visit museums could be daunting. So let’s plan smart and conveniently store your bags with Vertoe. Vertoe is an on-demand short-term luggage storage service that offers multiple secure locations tostore baggage throughout Philadelphia. Whether you are looking for hourly locker unit alternatives or daily luggage storage in Philadelphia, Vertoe serves you with numerous options.

Vertoe’s rates start at a minimum of $5.95 per day and that’s why storing your luggage in Philadelphia is convenient and highly affordable. With over 600+ partnerships with local businesses across 50+ cities, Vertoe’s network has created safe, easy and reliable locker rental alternatives for luggage storage in Philadelphia. Vertoe’s unique and digitally coded tamper proof seal makes it a safer and convenient alternative over any conventional locker storage in Philly. Vertoe also offers insurance coverage of $5000 to give you that complete peace of mind. 

So let's have a hassle-free travel plan in hand without worry of finding luggage storage space in Philadelphia.

Vertoe offers up-to 30% discount on your luggage storage at Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s rich history from colonial times to the present has blessed the city with numerous landmarks, monuments, and museums. From the Liberty Bell to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art made famous by the Rocky film franchise, every landmark is worth a visit. However, these memorable visits could turn sour due to the luggage load. You can easily locate Vertoe’s luggage storage spaces in Philadelphia closest to where you may be exploring. Vertoe finds storage locations in Philadelphia that are ready to safely store your bags for few hours to a couple of days, to let you wander light through the city like a free spirit.

Vertoe is present at all the major landmarks of Philadelphia

No longer are you required to queue up at any conventional luggage storage place. Vertoe promises to serve par excellence services to meet your storage needs. Hereare some of Philadelphia’s most famous landmarks with Vertoe locations for safe hourly or daily luggage storage:

Luggage Storage 30th Street Station

With 30th Street Station baggage storage by Vertoe, you can leave your bags right outside the station and immediately start exploring Philadelphia! Keep your luggage safe from the hustle and bustle of Philly’s main railroad station with Vertoe’s convenient short-term storage.

Luggage Storage AT&T Station

Located near all the stadiums in Philadephia, AT&T station is the best place to leave your bags before you hit the game scene. Vertoe luggage storage near this stadium makes it very convenient to store bags.

Luggage Storage BB&T Pavillion

A high energy open amphitheater complex which is always bustling a with high energy crowd. Needn’t worry about the rush as a nearby Vertoe location makes it easier for you to leave your bags safely and have unstoppable fun.

Luggage Storage Lincoln Financial Center

Be it power puffed sports or high volume concerts, Lincoln Financial Centre is a hectic yet satisfying affair. And having a place in the vicinity to drop your bags is the most convenient way to enjoy these events. Vertoe provides hourly and daily luggage storage spaces near the Lincoln Financial Centre for safely storing your bags.

Luggage Storage Independence Mall

Surrounded by Independence Hall, the National Constitution Center, and Liberty Bell, Independence Mall is a wonderful place to unwind while immersing in the history of Philadelphia. With numerous touristy locations around the Mall, you can relax on the beautiful lawns while safely storing your bags with Vertoe!

Luggage Storage Liberty Bell

Perhaps one of the most famous artifacts from the American Revolution, the Liberty Bell is a popular tourist spot thronging with tourists. With Vertoe’s Liberty Bell luggage storage, you can let go of luggage worries while exploring this incredible monument.

Luggage Storage Macys

Not only because of the retail therapy, but the scintillating events at Macy’s city center also pulls visitors in equal measures. These events are best-enjoyed luggage free and that’s why Vertoe provide hourly luggage storage spaces near Macy’s to give you the freedom of roaming hands-free.

Luggage Storage Philadelphia Museum

A perfect spot for art lovers, Philadelphia Museum is a major attraction of the city. Vertoe storage spaces are available close to the museum for a hassle-free baggage storage experience.

Luggage Storage Reading Terminal and Train shed

This complex is one of the major spots in Philly where tourists meet locals for unbridled fun. This commercial heart of the city offers lively bars and restaurants for unlimited conversations. And while you are making many moments to cherish, we will take care of your bags. Store your bags with nearby Vertoe locations in three simple steps.

Luggage Storage Suburban Street Station

Choose Suburban Street Station luggage storage with Vertoe for an enjoyable, hassle-free experience. Vertoe’s luggage storage in Philadelphia allows you to pick any place to store your bags for up to a couple of days.

City guide of Philadelphia

Top places to see in Philadelphia

With so many iconic landmarks and tourist attractions, there’s no wrong place to start when it comes to sightseeing in Philadelphia.

If you want to appreciate Philly’s incredible history, start at the Liberty Bell, a national and international symbol for freedom and independence. Right across from this bell lies the milestone of Independence Hall, the historic place where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed.

Museum lovers will enjoy Benjamin Franklin Parkway, a beautiful street that houses many of Philadelphia's finest museums.The Franklin Institute, a renowned science museum in Philadelphia is the most visited museum in Pennsylvania. Art lovers will appreciate the Rodin Museum, the Barnes Foundation, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.The Philadelphia Museum of Artis also famous for its steps and statue of Rocky Balboa, both of which have featured in the Rocky film series.  

Best places to eat at Philadelphia

You can’t leave Philadelphia without indulging in the world-famousPhilly Cheesesteak. Rivals Geno’s Steaks and Pat’s King of Steaks both offer delicious, authentic sandwiches to satisfy your cravings. If you’re looking for variety, you can’t go wrong with the oldest farmers market in America, Reading Terminal Market, which offers dozens of vendors and restaurants. South 9th Street Italian Market is another century-old market that provides fresh ingredients and produce perfect for your culinary needs!

Time for dessert! Head over to Federal Donuts to explore your wild side and try out an order of Lavender Donuts with a side of chicken wings. If you have some stricter dietary needs, but don’t want to miss out on the fun, try Lil Pop Shop’s Cream Pops, which are organically-made and offer non-dairy options. Indulging in these culinary treats gets even better with Vertoe. Just drop your bags with us and relish these treats without the baggage load to bog you down.

Check out how Vertoe can enhance your Michelin star dining out experience in NYC.

Best things to do in Philadelphia

Don’t leave Philly before catching a free concert at the World Cafe Live. Many groups on tour often offer bonus concert midday on Fridays free to the fans! Drop byCitizens Bank Parkif you’re looking for a traditional for some sporting fun. For a more creative evening, check out Landmark’s Ritz MovieTheaters, a local movie theater chain that specializes in showing independent films. To appreciate more of Philadelphia’s local art, Mutual Arts Philadelphia offers walking tours around the city to highlight Philly’s incredible murals and other street art. Take the family to the Philadelphia Zoo for a fun and educational family-friendly activity. With such a power-packed itinerary, carrying your bags everywhere will not be ideal, to say the least. Book your luggage storage space with Vertoe and have a fun-filled trip in Philadelphia.

Simply putting a count on the fun offered by Philadelphia is not easy to fathom. This is the birthplace of liberty which rightly takes the liberty of alluring you in every way. From museums to colorful parks and old historic sites, Philadelphia showers its brotherly love on everyone. So don’t miss to embrace it by lugging bags. Book your luggage storage with Vertoe today and soak in the incredible American history, the land of the free is now free of baggage worries as well.

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