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300+ locations and growing! Flat price for all bag sizes and $5000 insurance on your stored items. Book online & access instantly - no app download or sign up needed!

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Welcome to the seat of power and buckle up for an enchanting ride into history and future. But before that, let’s find you a luggage storage space at DC to shed that extra worry.

Presenting Vertoe, an on-demand, short-term luggage storage service that offers 300+ secure locations across 20 cities to store baggage throughout Washington. Whether you are looking for hourly locker units alternatives or daily luggage storage in DC, Vertoe serves you with numerous options.

With rates starting at a minimum of $5.95 per day, leaving your bags in Washington is bang for the buck. With over a hundred partnerships with local businesses, Vertoe’s network has created safe, easy and reliable locker rental alternatives for luggage storage in Washington. Vertoe’s unique and digitally coded tamper proof seal makes it a safer and convenient alternative to any conventional locker storage in D.C. Vertoe also offers an insurance coverage of $5000 to give you that complete peace of mind. 

So get ready to explore the rich history of national capital without the hassles of finding a place to store luggage.

Vertoe offers up-to 30% discount on your luggage storage at Washington DC

D.C.’s sprawling landscape includes landmark memorials, governmental buildings, and university campuses. With Vertoe, you can find hourly luggage storage spaces in D.C. closest to wherever you may be exploring. Vertoe provides safe and convenient places to store your luggage at Vertoe-certified shops and local businesses.

Now no longer waiting in a queue at a conventional luggage storage places, instead, adventure through the nation’s capital luggage free!

Vertoe is present at all the major landmarks of Washington DC.

Wait no more! Here are some of Washington’s most famous spots and high-transit areas with Vertoe locations for your hourly or daily luggage storage:

Luggage Storage Union Station

Vertoe’s locations near Union Station allow you to safely store your luggage in Washington, while you wander around nearby landmarks including Union Station itself. Union Station’s shops, restaurants, and incredible architecture make it a monument in itself!

Luggage Storage Dulles Airport

Store your luggage in or near Dulles Airport for an enjoyable, hassle-free vacation. Vertoe’s bag storage in Washington D.C. allows you to pick any place to leave your bags for up to a couple of days. So without much ado, whether on a layover or a long break, relish the history without a worry of carrying your luggage in D.C.

Luggage Storage Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Ronald Reagan National Airport’s proximity to D.C.’s monuments, museums, and other wonders makes it a great landing place. Simply book a Vertoe locker space and store your luggage in our secure and affordable hourly/daily baggage storage locations in Washington.

Luggage Storage Lincoln Memorial

Looking for hourly storage space in Washington D.C., in the vicinity of all the famous memorials and museums on your bucket list? Look no further! Vertoe locations close to the Lincoln Memorial will allow you to explore all of the National Mall without ever getting too far from your bags. 

Luggage Storage The White House

The home of the leader of the free world comes with a monumental history which must be relished luggage free! Vertoe’s multiple luggage storage locations near this historic monument allow travelers to leave their bags at an hourly or daily rate! Check your options for locker space at D.C. to make an adventure of your own!

Luggage Storage Smithsonian Museum

A bundle of Museum, Galleries, and Zoo, exploring these gems of Smithsonian properties is a long journey. Take your time admiring the history here and leave your luggage with Vertoe for a peaceful and worry less visit.

Luggage Storage National Gallery of Art

Art, exhibitions, film series and numerous learning activities, visiting the National Gallery can be frequent fun. Don't miss out on your favorite things to do here. Simply store your belongings safely with vertoe near the gallery and take it back once you are done.

Luggage Storage National Museum of Natural History

Exploring fossil discovery excites you? Then visit this natural history museum to accelerate your excitement. Vertoe gives many safe locations nearby to store your luggage at reasonable rates.

Luggage Storage Capitol Hill

Would you like to have a glimpse of government neighborhood and a leisure market going hand in hand? Visit Capitol Hill where federal meets the local. And while you enjoy this amazing amalgamation, Vertoe will store your bags safely at a nearby storage space.

Luggage Storage National Mall

If you are planning to visit “America’s front yard” with pieces of baggage in hand then you are not doing justice with your visit. Store your bags with Vertoe nearby and once you are finished soaking up in the beauty of this iconic building, collect your bags again.

Luggage Storage Washington Monument

Build in honor of America's first president, Washington monument is a must visit. Admire this beautiful landmark with our carrying your luggage along by storing it at nearby Vertoe stores.

Luggage Storage National Air and Space museums

Who doesn't like having a glimpse of space on their own? National air and space museum will meet all your astronomical expectation. If you are struggling with the entry due to too many bags, store your luggage at Vertoe locations and enjoy hassle-free.

Luggage Storage Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Drop your luggage safely with Vertoe while you visit this grand memorial of America’s founding father. This extensive white building represents great architecture and is a famous tourist spot.

Luggage Storage World War 2 Memorial

This memorial is a tribute to the sacrifices made my fighters in world war II. So during your visit, it's convenient to book your luggage storage with Vertoe in advance.

Luggage Storage Vietnam Veteran Memorial

The sacrifices of US soldiers in the Vietnam war is etched in the walls of this memorial. Carrying heavy bags in this 2-acre property is the most inconvenient. So don't struggle, just store your bags safely with Vertoe near to this memorial.

Luggage Storage Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

A well carved 28 foot tall mural of Martin Luther King Jr. is a sight to behold. So pick up your information guide to this landmark to know more about historical facts and leave your luggage with Vertoe.

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Best places to visit in Washington


With so many iconic landmarks and tourist attractions, there’s no wrong place to start when it comes to sightseeing in Washington D.C. But the right way is to find you luggage storage lockers nearby to go hands-free.  Architecture buffs may want to visit all the incredible structures that have embellished the city, such as the Jefferson Memorial, the White House, the National Archives, the Washington Monument, and the Capitol Building

Art lovers would love to visit the incredible National Gallery of Art, home to fascinating works of art from different centuries with free admission. The Smithsonian American Art Museum and the National Portrait Gallery are two other art galleries among a wide array of choices to suit all artistic palates. 

D.C. is most famous for its historic monuments, power centers, and a wide collection of museums. Many of these spots tout free admission. Find Smithsonian luggage storage locations by Vertoe to leave your bags so that you can explore hassle-free. These museums are not only an educational experience but also a fun and enjoyable visit for all ages. Try learning about our planes and space shuttles at the National Air and Space Museum, or remembering the tragedies of World War II at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. While the National Gallery of Art is geared more toward adults looking for a serene, cultural experience, the International Spy Museum provides an entertaining visit for the whole family!


Where to eat in Washington

D.C. has a multitude of restaurants that serve incredible food for all tastes. Pizza fans should try the Timber Pizza Company, which arguably serves the best pizza in the city. Or maybe you’re looking for finishing both breakfast and learning more about D.C.’s history? Florida Avenue Grill provides a small-time Southern diner feel, with large portions of D.C. facts and trivia! So while you do this multitasking, let us save a luggage storage space for you nearby.

Time for dessert! D.C.’s dessert scene is so popular that it’s been on TV! Try Georgetown Cupcake for tasty treats. These treats are popular to have their own reality show—DC Cupcakes. Dessert lovers will also love Baked and Wired for their baked goodness and Thomas Sweet Ice Cream Co., for a refreshing cone outside of the U.S. Capitol Building.

Enjoy your sweet treats and take a stroll around all eateries without worrying about luggage storage in Washington DC. Vertoe gives you many options in D.C. to cherish these small pleasures.

What to enjoy in Washington


Don’t leave D.C. without catching a free concert at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts! The Kennedy Center puts on free shows and concerts every day of the week. This makes a memorable evening immersed in D.C. culture. And during those fun hours of the show, hire Vertoe’s hourly luggage storage from here.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing afternoon, find yourself some live music around the National Mall. The National Gallery of Art holds a summer jazz series on Sundays. That is to say, put on your dancing shoes and get ready for the jazz! That’s not all; the Hill Country Barbecue Market provides a fun, casual, and Texas-style barbecue. So that you can enjoy all this while listening to live music in the evenings. Vertoe’s daily luggage storage in Washington D.C. can help you sing and dance freely with your loved ones. 

Washington has every reason to leave an everlasting impression on a traveler.  The magnanimity of historical institutions and bustling of popular events makes Washington DC a medley for travelers. So basically, don’t miss this symphony just because you have no place to leave your luggage. Instead, book Vertoe which provides numerous daily storage options in DC to shed off your load.

Click here to know how to book your daily or hourly storage space at Washington DC.


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