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Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

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Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Luggage storage in Zurich

Luggage storage in Zurich is essential. This largest city in Switzerland,is a major contemporary art and shopping destination. Located at the cross section of a beautiful river and lake, Zurich is renowned for its financial centers and postmodern art and cultural scene.

Zurich has for years ranked among the world’s top cities in terms of quality of life. It is a boutique city that offers everything that implies, albeit in small and exquisite format. And if you’re after rest and relaxation, you can be in the Swiss mountains in less than an hour. Drop your bags with a definitive storage source that can in turn facilitate exploring the cultural highlights, sightseeing attractions and things to do in the city of Zurich and surrounding region to the maximum sans baggage worries!

Leave your bags with Vertoe and avail up to 30% off on your bookings

Why the need for luggage storage in Zurich?

Zurich is quintessential Swiss, a mix of modern financial and industrial institutions coupled with breathtaking scenic beauty. The city offers all the modern amenities of a cosmopolitan metropolis, without sacrificing its natural side.

The cosmopolitan city by the water combines creative urban life with nature in all its glory. Zurich is abuzz with activity day and night with its countless events, diverse museums, its own food festival and Switzerland’s most vibrant nightlife.When you take a break from work, breathtaking scenery, art, culture and culinary treats await you. All these attractions are best experienced by making use of baggage storage in Zurich, so that you can get started with tours and activities in the city as well as day trips to nearby places giving you plenty to do during your visit here absolutely hassle-free!

Where can you find luggage storage options in Zurich?

Vertoe, your instant luggage storage pal, meets all your storage needs like a pro! You could either be  looking for instant luggage storage or a general short term storage for your bags and personal items,and Vertoe is the one-stop shop for all your luggage storage requirements.

Utilize short term luggage storage service by Vertoe in Zurich. Baggage storage is the new revolution in travel. Not only is it required, but it has become a necessity as well. Freedom to explore a given destination without lugging bags is the need of the hour in any kind of travel. Vertoe is your safest bet over any other alternative luggage lockers which are usually expensive and restricted to very few locations in the city that you have to travel back and forth to.

Short term storage is not just about traveling. Expand your horizon and book spaces to meet your daily storage needs. Storing extra bags during business meetings, needing space for storing daily gear, leaving your daily utility items or even having a safer place to leave your work equipment, Vertoe got all  these covered!  Simply book your baggage storage space and leave them behind till you need them next.

Other bag storage options in Zurich

Apart from Vertoe locations being present in Zurich, you can find them near all major tourist attractions.

Vertoe is also present conveniently near all major train stations and transit points. Check Zurich Main Station & Zurich Airport for all details. 

Why Vertoe for your luggage storage needs in Zurich?

Vertoe is the most reliable baggage storage facility in Zurich. With widespread locations and accessibility Vertoe stands out from the rest. Here is why Vertoe stands out apart from the rest in terms of being the best luggage storage facility in Zurich:

Convenient Locations

With Vertoe’s responsive mobile optimized website you can find a storage location within 2 minutes of where you may be. Vertoe provides real-time availability of storage spaces across various cities and landmarks. Simply find a location, enter a time and date, and BOOK!

Safety and trusted storage spaces

Vertoe goes the extra mile in carefully vetting each store location comprehensively to ensure that your bags are always protected. Furthermore, we provide complimentary, unique, tamper-proof seals at our locations to keep the contents of your bags safe.

Affordable Pricing

Luggage Storage rates are as low as CHF 5.89 per day. With attractive discounts on bulk bookings, the overall storage pricing gets even more affordable.

Insurance Coverage

Vertoe provides the best-in-class insurance of $5000. Now you can explore the city without any worries at all.

Free Cancellation

Last-minute plans change and we understand this. We offer free cancellation and give you a full refund if you wish to cancel the booking at any point.

Vertoe is the answer to all your baggage woes with their locations placed conveniently in Zurich. Now all you have to do is simply book a Vertoe location and go hands free with respect to your heavy bags. 

Things to do in Zurich

Zurich is a popular cosmopolitan city with something amazing around every corner for inquisitive travelers including historical buildings, beautiful parks, vibrant squares and a relaxed atmosphere. The city lies on Lake Zurich and is also located temptingly close to the Swiss Alps with views of its amazing scenery. Zurich is clean, transport is efficient and everything typically runs smoothly. Without doubt, Zurich is a great place to visit.

With so much and much more to do in Zurich, it is advisable that you make sure that your bulky bags stay put with a genuine storage spot, so that you can have a peaceful & uninterrupted view of those magnificent swiss alps sans baggage worries! Listed below are some of the best things to see and do in Zurich-

  • Old Town: in Zurich is one of the major attractions here. It is lined with shops, cobblestoned lanes, galleries, restaurants and many tourist attractions. Resplendent with archaic architecture and boasting of Zürich's heritage, today the Old Town is known for some of the best attractions, shopping and dining destinations in the city. Set against the medieval background and is a cultural, social and historical square. Narrow lanes, many clubs and characteristic buildings leave this part of Zurich flooded with tourists.

  • Lake Zurich : The fifth-largest lake in Switzerland, Lake Zurich is the focal point of much of the leisure and recreational activities of Zurich. The city sits at the northwest end of the long, narrow, arc-shaped lake. On both sides of the lakeshore close to the city, there are seasonal restaurants, bathing facilities, beaches, and watercraft rentals, enough to keep any outdoors enthusiast entertained and active.

  • Uetliberg Mountain : The Uetliberg is Zurich's own little mountain, marking the end of the Albis mountain chain on the western side of Lake Zurich. Standing an impressive 2,858 feet above sea level, Uetliberg Mountain offers some of the best views of Zurich and the surrounding Alps. Once at the top, travelers will find multiple trails for hiking, biking and sledding. Paragliding at the mountain's peak is another popular pastime here.Known for its striking Alpine panoramas, seasonal sports trails, and mountain-top restaurant, easy-to-access Uetliberg remains a must-visit on any Zurich itinerary.

Have extended plans to explore more? Here are your luggage storage options from Vertoe available at all major cities:

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