per item & no size restriction



*starting $5.95 varies by location


15% off

on final total


30% off

on final total

AUD 7.95 €5.95 $5.95 CAD 7.95 £5.95

At Vertoe, we believe in giving our customers flexibility when it comes to pricing. Whether you're looking to store for a few hours, days or months, we've got you covered. For any special requests, feel free to write to us at

Important Notes

  1. Cash payment is only allowed at select locations and extra charges apply. Please ‘filter’ to cash on the ‘Find Locations’ page.
  2. 'Daily' price is limited to the same calendar date. Overnight counts as two separate days.
  3. For additional days beyond a week or a month, the discount is automatically applied to the whole booking amount. For example, if you book for 8 days, you will automatically get the weekly discount and booking in excess of 30 days, would automatically mean getting 30% off.