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  • There is something for every palate in New York and the food here is not just food, but a bouquet of flavors with a generous dose of history and is in-line with the latest trends. Here’s a list of restaurants to be experienced if you are looking for a Michelin star experience that are all within walking distance from Vertoe locations. Feel free to drop your luggage and head out to get yourself one of best gourmet meals in New York City:

    Source : Le Bernardin facebook page

    Le Bernardin

    Le Bernardin is really the high temple of sparkling seafood and shellfish. Take your pick from the three sections — Almost Raw, Barely Touched and Lightly Cooked. The flavors here vary from the French and Asian spectrums served by waiters in Nehru-style jackets. This three-Michelin starred restaurant was renovated in 2011 on modernist lines but still maintains its high standards that have ensured its spot on the top restaurant lists for years now. If you are not looking to go all out, our tip is to get a taste of Le Bernardin by checking into the lounge area and having a go at the scrumptious bar snacks.

    Jean Georges

    Source: Jean Georges Facebook page

    Jean Georges is high cuisine at the Trump Tower in NYC. Another three-Michelin starred restaurant, Jean Georges takes fine dining to the next level with its top-rated food and knowledgeable waiters who will inform you about the nuances of each course. Jean Georges sources its produce from the local farmer’s market which means that the menu changes according to the season. The restaurant also offers a two-course lunch menu for a terrific value. This posh restaurant requires men to dress formal which means no jeans, sweatshirts or sneakers allowed. Put on a jacket and enjoy the meal in style.

    Per Se

    Source: Per Se Facebook page

    Walk through the large blue doors on the fourth floor of the Time Warner Center to find the hosts and a classy salon of Per Se. This restaurant is another three-Michelin star legend that was pronounced the best restaurant in NYC by the New York Times in 2011, and is currently ranked the third most expensive dining experience. Many diners will tell you how the food is almost too beautiful to eat. Picture this — the oysters appetizer is served with a spoon made of mother of pearl to use. Make sure to keep at least four hours for this luxuries nine-course meal which costs an average of $800 including drinks for a couple.

    La Grenouille

    La Grenouille, which opened in 1962, is one of the last surviving French restaurants that were opened in the 60s. The plush interiors and flower arrangements will remind you of Downtown Abbey when dinner being supervised by a butler. Jackets are mandatory here and the pre-fixe dinner menu will set you back up $138. If you want to get a sneak peak of the extravagance then head for the $16–18 pre-theater menu, served 5–6pm everyday.

    Keens Steakhouse

    Keens has been around for over 120 years and some of the regulars here included J.P. Morgan and Teddy Roosevelt. In the ever-changing dining scene of New York, Keen has stood the test of time. The decor and setting is incredible, and the quality of the meat matches the expensive asking price. A trip to Keens is incomplete without the legendary three-inch-thick mutton chop. If you are a smoking pipe enthusiast or just someone looking to find out what the craze it about then you’ll be happy to know that restaurant houses more than 50,000 smoking pipes, making it one of the largest

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