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Luggage Storage Safeco Field

Luggage storage around a baseball field is all you need to have for a power-packed game day! And that’s why Vertoe’s luggage storage near Safeco Field in Seattle is the best way to enjoy the game without baggage worries.Vertoe is an on-demand, short-term luggage storage service that offers multiple secure locations to store luggage around Safeco Field and throughout Seattle city. Vertoe has collaborated with over a hundred local businesses, to establish safe daily or monthly luggage storage spaces for one and all.

So first things first, book a Vertoe space online and just leave your bags safely outside the stadium to freely cheer up your team. Being a thought leader in short term luggage storage industry, Vertoe is well versed in storing your bags and other personal belongings with ease. Pricing starting from as low as $5.95, booking a storage space has become easier and much affordable than ever. Vertoe provides you a highly secure storage environment by securing your bags with uniquely coded tamper-proof seals and best-in industry insurance coverage of $5000 for complete reliability.

Heading towards a rapid expansion, Vertoe is available currently in 1000+ locations worldwide with which you are always a walk away distance from your nearby storage space. Amalgamation of convenience, safety, and affordability, Vertoe leads the instant storage space providers over any conventional luggage lockers which are expensive and have a limitation on location and storage choices. So go ahead and book your luggage storage space within 2 minutes on Vertoe’s responsive mobile optimized website without any need of downloading or installation of an app.

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About Safeco Field

A famous baseball park located in Seattle city, Safeco Field is home to Seattle’s major baseball leagues. With a seating capacity of almost 50,000, Safeco field is always packed with baseball fans. High-intensity games are its major callouts but tourists may also like to chase sunsets while enjoying the beautiful city skyline at Safeco Field. While the old architecture of Safeco will showcase a brick façade and a natural grass field, the new additions feature a retractable roof and luxury cabins.

Best Places to visit nearSafeco Field with Vertoe Presence

Here are some major landmarks around Safeco Field with Vertoe storage spaces:

Luggage Storage near Centurylink field

Century field is home field of National Football League while also hosting Washington Music Theatre. Enjoy the grand concerts and events here without worrying about leaving your bags at conventional lockers. Book your storage space on an hourly basis with Vertoe.

Luggage Storage near Occidental Square

Located in the Pioneer Square district, Occidental park is a perfect place to relax. Surrounded by tall trees, comfortable seating and brewing cafes, it can easily provide you with wholesome recreation.

Luggage Storage near King’s Station

Commuting by trains is always the best way to travel around this city considering the infamous traffic of Seattle. Book your luggage storage space with Vertoe near King Station for hassle-free travel.

Luggage Storage near Waterfront

The highly urbanized section of  Elliot Bay is Waterfront. With stunning views, it offers multiple attractions to enjoy along the bay. So watch ferries passing by, shop for souvenirs or grab a hearty meal all without lugging your bags. Store your bags with Vertoe and gear up for unlimited fun along Seattle Waterfront.

Luggage Storage near Washington State Convention Center

Either heading to watch an exhibition or rushing for a meeting, just leave your bags behind on an hourly basis with Vertoe and carry on with your day hassle free.

This nationally famed landmark has a spectacular setting for baseball players and fans alike. With an incredible view of the city’s skyline, magnificent sunset view and an amazing game scene, Safeco field gives the baseball fans an unforgettable experience. And to enjoy every bit of its facilities, just leave your bags safely with Vertoe at a nearby location and have the freedom to pick it up any time of the day.

Seattle has many tourist landmarks to give you an amazing trip. And to make it even better, Vertoe is available in all these locations to give you a hassle free luggage storage solution. Here is the list of landmarks with Vertoe presence in Seattle.

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Have extended plans to explore more? Here are your luggage storage options from Vertoe available at all major cities:

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