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Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Luggage storage in Pisa with Vertoe

Pisa is much more than a leaning tower, and this heart of Tuscany is rightly one of the top tourist destinations of Italy and the World. Gothic and renaissance history meshed with academic prowess, this chic city is best seen sans baggage worries.

Vertoe’s on-demand, short-term left luggage service gives you numerous choices to leave your baggage and other personal belongings safely without worry. Its responsive mobile optimized website helps you book your storage space in just 2 minutes without the hassles of downloading or installing an app. Vertoe ensures the convenience of finding your left luggage locations among 1000+ Vertoe spaces across 65+ cities in three simple steps.

Vertoe understands the importance of your belongings. Each bag is secured with a uniquely coded tamper-resistant seal with the utmost care, so you enjoy your destination worry-free. You also get industry-best insurance of $5000 to give you that extra peace of mind. With a minimum cost of €5.81, Vertoe is a safe, affordable, and convenient alternative to luggage lockers which are usually expensive and restricted to a few locations in the city that you might have to travel back and forth. Now you can leave your luggage safely with Vertoe and enjoy touring Pisa hassle-free!

Leave your bags with Vertoe and avail up to 30% off on your bookings

Why store your luggage with Vertoe?

Vertoe is the world’s first on-demand, short-term storage provider to store your bags. Whether you are a traveler in transit with time to spare, stuck outside an event venue with bags, or just carrying your daily work supplies, Vertoe is the smart answer to all your baggage woes. Anything that you need to put away for a while, we will keep it safe with us until pickup time. We provide safe and easy luggage storage with no size restrictions as we do not use conventional left luggage lockers.

  • Vertoe is present in over 1000+ locations in 65+ cities worldwide. All Vertoe luggage storage locations are conveniently located to help with easy storage near and around the most visited spots. 

  • The price to store luggage with Vertoe Pisa luggage storage is only €6.03 per bag per day. All you have to do is search our services online and make bookings either on the web or through our app. Download the iOS or Android app from the App Store or Play Store respectfully.

  • Moreover, discounts are offered for baggage storage for a week or more and a month or more. A week of luggage storage with us will allow you to avail of discounts of 15% off on the final total whereas, a month of luggage storage allows you to avail of discounts of 30% off on the final total.

  • We give absolute importance to the security of your personal belongings. Keeping this in mind, we provide uniquely coded tamper-proof seals to seal your bags. We also provide the best-in-class insurance of $5000 per booking for your complete peace of mind.

  • All bags that contain safe and legal items can be stored at the Vertoe luggage store. All our partner locations are manually vetted, verified, and trained to handle your left luggage safely. We offer secure luggage storage locations to store your bags.

  • Opening hours of stores differ. Please check the timings before your visit.

Please visit our website for more luggage storage information.

Book and access safe instant luggage storage anytime with Vertoe and get the freedom to experience what this place has to offer.

Where can I store my luggage in Pisa?

Luggage storage Pisa is available near transit spots for the convenience of travelers and locals alike. Leave your luggage on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis according to your preference or need. Store bags during business meetings, and store your daily gear or daily utility items. Whatever your storage requirements may be, luggage storage Pisa will store them and keep them safe until you need them next.

Luggage storage near Pisa International Airport

Pisa International Airport is also called Galileo Galilei Airport. It is the main international airport serving Pisa and Tuscany region. Millions of passengers pass through the airport annually. Luggage storage options near Pisa International Airport provide the convenience to leave your bags before you embark on your next step.

The nearest Vertoe luggage storage space near the airport is about 2 miles away. The store is open from Monday - Friday, 8 am - 1 pm, and 4 pm - 7 pm. On Saturdays, it is open from 9 am to 12 pm.

Click here for more information on luggage storage Pisa International Airport

Luggage storage near Pisa Centrale Station

Pisa Centrale Station is the central station of Pisa. It also serves the region of Tuscany. Its central location makes it convenient to travel easily to other parts of the city. Access to bag storage facilities near the station can make travel and sightseeing a more pleasurable experience. 

A Vetoe bag storage facility is available 1 mile away from the station. Opening hours differ from day to day. It is advisable to check the timings while booking. Avail luggage storage facilities at a reasonable price of €5.81/bag/day.

Click here for more information on luggage storage Pisa Centrale Station

How to store your luggage with Vertoe in Pisa?

Luggage storage in Pisa has been made easy with Vertoe. All you've got to do is follow quick, simple, and easy steps to book our service online and store your luggage with us today.

Find and book online a Vertoe service store on our website or through our iOS and Android apps from the App Store and Play Store. Put in the address, date, and time to search our service area that fits your needs. 

Put away your items at a Vertoe service store and secure your bags with uniquely coded tamper-proof seals (provided at the store at no extra cost). Take a photo of your unique code. This acts as your digital token. When you arrive to pick up your luggage, show your unique code photo to collect your luggage.

Keep in mind the open hours of Vertoe service stores.

Enjoy your time hassle-free with the assurance that your bag is safe with us, and come back to pick it up when you need it. If you need assistance, you can contact us by email at We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Leave your bags with Vertoe and avail up to 30% off on your bookings

Things to do in Pisa

There is no doubt that the first thing you will want to see in Pisa is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is definitely a sight to behold. Take a guided tour and be prepared to climb 294 steps up to the top of the Tower. But it is a rewarding climb as the views from the top are breathtaking.

Visit the Duomo de Pisa right next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is a beautiful cathedral inside and out. Although the Tower gets most of the attention, the cathedral is worth a visit.

Go to Ponte di Mezzo, a quaint little bride that is a lovely spot for sunset. As the sunlight dies out, the street lights and shops along the river light up giving it c charming glow. Have a sit down at one of the lovely eateries and enjoy a lovely Italian meal. 

Pisa is a city seeped in history and architecture. Besides historic buildings and architecture, you can see modern art in Keith Haring’s mural. Read up about the mural before you visit it to enhance your experience. You will be able to relate more to the meanings hidden behind the drawings. 

Pisa also has some lovely beaches to soak up the sun. Experience a day at the beach in Pisa. Take a day to relax on one of the beaches.

Marvel in the beauty of Pisa. Take delight in lovely dining and unforgettable nightlife. Hip street life and trendy piazzas stand amidst historical monuments and ruins. Such a wonderful destination is best experienced using the facilities of convenient left luggage. Use luggage storage Pisa and have a wonderful time.

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