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Welcome to Munich Airport

Instead of wasting precious time during layovers sitting in the airport, find a luggage storage space near Munich Airport, drop your heavy bags behind and head out to explore the cultural highlights of Munich. Either enjoy the romantic natural beauty, know about the museums and visit famous landmarks, Munich offers amusement to all its visitors.

Vertoe is an on-demand short term storage service that lets you instantly do luggage storage or general short term storage of your bags and personal items within minutes of where you are. With over 200+ locations worldwide, you're always a short walk away from a Vertoe storage location.

Designed for affordability, convenience, and safety, you can do baggage storage for a price starting at $5.95 per day for an item. Each bag is secured with a uniquely coded tamper-proof seal and you get an industry best insurance of $5000 to give you that extra peace of mind. You can book your luggage storage space within 2 minutes on our responsive mobile optimized website without any need of download or installation of an app, that's how easy it is. Vertoe is a safe, affordable and convenient alternative to luggage lockers which are usually expensive and restricted to very few locations in the city that you have to travel back and forth to. Now you can leave your luggage safely with Vertoe and enjoy the world hassle free!

Leave your bags with Vertoe and avail up to 30% off on your bookings

Feel lightened during your travel days since you have the options now. Leaving the bags safely at an approachable location to be able to pick it as convenient, is the latest demand in the storage space. And if the storage space is near a transit space, then baggage drop becomes very much comfortable. This not only gives the option to store your bags for a desirable duration but the convenience of picking your baggage from the place you plan to take up your next expedition. Simply choose a safe and affordable luggage storage space and leave your luggage or personal belongings behind and do away with the hassles of dragging them along.

It is advised to call these storage centers beforehand and check exact pricing and availability. Booking these storage spaces in advance will always save you from the last minute change in plan.

Luggage Storage options in Munich Airport

Munich Airport: They provide luggage storage facilities at the airport with a set price list. Check out their website for more information. The storage locations are at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and the operating hours of both are as follows:

  • Terminal 1- 24 hours

  • Terminal 2- Daily 5 am to 12 midnight

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Other transit spots at Munich with Luggage Storage

Here is the list of some transit spots in Munich which provides luggage storage facilities:

Luggage Storage Hauptbahnhof Central Station

Short term luggage lockers are available for up to three days in different sizes. Small lockers cost €3 and large lockers cost €5 for 24 hours. For the period of 1 month, the storage cost is €5 per item and the luggage will be kept at the main hall facing platforms.

Luggage Storage Ostbahnhof East Station

Small lockers cost €3 and large lockers cost €5 for 24 hours.

Luggage Storage Pasing Station

Small lockers cost €2 and large lockers cost €4 for 24 hours.

Luggage Storage Munich Central Bus Station – Zob Munchen

Numerous lockers are available at this bus station. The small lockers cost €1.5, the medium ones are of €2.5 and the bigger lockers cost €5 for storing stuff for 24 hours. Here is the link to their website for more details.

Have extended plans to explore more? Here are your luggage storage options from Vertoe available at all major cities:

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