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Welcome to Hamburg

Hamburg literally lives up to its tag of being the ‘gateway to the world’ through rich Maritime history and equally profound economic background. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, Hamburg warrants you to be free of baggage worries to make the most of your time.

Vertoe is a trending innovation in the short-term luggage storage industry. Not only it gives you numerous choices to leave your baggage and your other personal belongings but an assurance of safe storage so that you can be luggage free. Talking of the ease, the responsive mobile optimized website of Vertoe will help you book your storage space in just 2 minutes without the hassle of downloading or installing an app. So that you get the convenience of finding your left luggage locations among 600+ Vertoe spaces in just three simple steps.

Vertoe understands the worry your leaving your belongings behind and hence, each bag is secured with a uniquely coded tamper-proof seal and you get an industry best insurance of $5000 to give you that extra peace of mind. With a minimum cost of $5.95, Vertoe is a safe, affordable and convenient alternative to luggage lockers which are usually expensive and restricted to very few locations in the city that you have to travel back and forth to. Now you can leave your luggage safely with Vertoe and enjoy the world hassle free!

Leave your bags with Vertoe and avail up to 30% off on your bookings

About Hamburg

Being the second largest city of Germany and the largest port, Hamburg has immense economic outlook without dwarfing its rich history. Architectures from the 18th century stand beside cool cafes surrounding the lovely canals, all fused within its multicultural and multi-ethnic society. This delightful fusion is best experiences using convenient left luggage.

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Enjoy a luggage free ride and utilize the short term luggage storage services in Hamburg. Baggage storage is the new revolution in travel. Not only it is required, but it has become a necessity. Freedom to roam around without lugging bags is the latest requirement in any kind of travel. Be it hourly, monthly or daily storage needs, meeting them at the right place at any point in time, makes the sightseeing most convenient. But short term storage is not just about traveling. Expand your horizon and book spaces to meet your daily storage needs. Leaving your bags during business meetings, need space for storing daily gears, leaving your daily utility items or even having a safer place to leave your work equipment, just book your baggage storage space and leave them behind till you need them next.

Left Luggage options in Hamburg

Here are some storage options available in the city for you to utilize. It is advised to call the storage centers beforehand and check exact pricing and availability. Booking these storage spaces in advance will always save you from last-minute changes in the plan.

Left Luggage at Transit Spots

Hamburg Central Station: Lockers are available to store luggage items at Hamburg Station. The price for 6-hour storage is Eur 2 for small and Eur 4 for large lockers. For up to 24 hours, the cost of storage is Eur 4 and Eur 6 for small and large lockers respectively. The lockers can be located at:

  • At North end walkway. Near track 5/6 and 13/14

Left Luggage Museums

Some museums do provide luggage storage facilities to the visitors for the convenience of having a historic, cultural and artistic insights luggage free. Below is the name of the famous museums in Hamburg. You can call beforehand and check for storage spaces, cloakrooms, or lockers availability for storing bags or other items at these museums:

Left Luggage at Residences and Hotels

Leaving your bags with the hotels you are residing and Air BnBs are the most convenient option to explore more in the city. There are high chances of these hotels allowing you to drop your bags, storing them back or front offices for a few hours. Hotels may or may not charge for storing your bags but the right way is to always tip the staff for this precious help. Make sure you do the prior bookings if they follow suit.

Have extended plans to explore more? Here are your luggage storage options from Vertoe available at all major cities:

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