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Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Luggage Storage in Berlin

Luggage storage in Berlin is fundamental. There is no city that has defined the history of the last century like Berlin. From devastation to the resurgence, the city stands testimony to major historical milestones.

Berlin's captivating mix of grit, glamor, and creative freedom born from repression has made it one of the world's most dynamic cities. The best things to do in Berlin include seeing the impressive landmarks of one of the most iconic cities in Europe. Unquestionably one of the coolest cities in the world, Berlin has a lot more to offer than just beer and bratwurst. Dropping your bags at a secure storage facility becomes a prerequisite, in order to explore this buzzing metropolis that boasts a killer nightlife scene, amazing local food, a rich history, world famous beer and some of the most remarkable sights and museums in the world.

Leave your bags with Vertoe and avail up to 30% off on your bookings

Why the need for luggage storage in Berlin?

Berlin is the capital and largest city of Germany by both area and population. Its 3.7 million inhabitants make it the European Union's most populous city, according to population within city limits. Berlin is a major urban center of Germany and has a unique glamor and character in itself. 

From the grand classical archway of Brandenburg Gate to historic Reichstag building, from graffiti of East Side Gallery to Museum Island, Berlin has something for everyone. A perfect bag of notable past and glorious advanced future, this city is best explored by making use of baggage storage in Berlin. This in turn facilitates that perfect touristy escapade for you, without any luggage related anxiety.

Where can you find luggage storage options in Berlin?

Vertoe is your one-stop shop when it comes to instant luggage storage options and is  actively located in Berlin, with the best customer service to store your luggage & secured with a security seal for hourly or daily luggage storage. 

Heading towards a rapid expansion, Vertoe is currently available in 1000+ locations across 65+ cities worldwide. An amalgamation of convenience, safety, and affordability, Vertoe leads the instant storage space providers bandwagon over any conventional luggage lockers which are expensive and have the limitation on location and storage dimensions.

A pioneer in the short term luggage storage industry, Vertoe is well versed in storing your bags and other personal belongings with ease. Short term storage is not just about traveling. For instance, storing extra bags during business meetings, leaving your daily utility items or even having a safe place to leave your work equipment, is the need of the hour. Simpy book your baggage storage space with Vertoe and leave them behind till you need them next.

Other bag storage options in Berlin

Apart from Vertoe locations being present in Berlin, you can find them near all major tourist attractions.

Vertoe is also present conveniently near all major train stations and transit points. Check Berlin Schönefeld Airport, Berlin Brandenburg Airport and Berlin Ostbahnhof Station for all details. 

Why Vertoe for your luggage storage needs in Berlin?

Vertoe is the most reliable baggage storage facility in Berlin. With widespread locations and accessibility Vertoe stands out from the rest. Here is why Vertoe stands out apart from the rest in terms of being the best luggage storage facility in Berlin:

Convenient Locations

With Vertoe’s responsive mobile optimized website you can find a storage location within 2 minutes of where you may be. Vertoe provides real-time availability of storage spaces across various cities and landmarks. Simply find a location, enter a time and date, and BOOK!

Safety and trusted storage spaces

Vertoe goes the extra mile in carefully vetting each store location comprehensively to ensure that your bags are always protected. Furthermore, we provide complimentary, unique, tamper-proof seals at our locations to keep the contents of your bags safe.

Affordable Pricing

Luggage Storage rates are as low as €5.82 per day. With attractive discounts on bulk bookings, the overall storage pricing gets even more affordable. 

Insurance Coverage

Vertoe provides the best-in-class insurance of $5000. Now you can explore the city without any worries at all.

Free Cancellation

Last-minute plans change and we understand this. We offer free cancellation and give you a full refund if you wish to cancel the booking at any point.

Vertoe is the answer to all your baggage woes with their locations placed conveniently in Berlin. Now all you have to do is simply book a Vertoe location and go hands free with respect to your heavy bags. 

Things to do in Berlin

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is renowned for its exceptional range of landmarks, vibrant cultural scene and way of life. Historical buildings stand alongside modern architecture as the past and present intermingle. Berlin's combo of glamor and grit is bound to mesmerize all those keen to explore its vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, intense parties and tangible history.

An array of sightseeing activities await your attention in Berlin. Let your heavy bags not weigh you down while you are at it. Listed below are some of the best things to see and do in Berlin -

  • Reichstag Building : Reichstag Building in Berlin, that is the meeting place of the Federal Assembly, the lower house of Germany's national legislature, and is an internationally recognisable symbol of democracy and the current home of the German parliament. Every year, thousands of guests visit the Reichstag. Both as an architectural wonder and a historical testimony, the Reichstag has an important role to play in Berlin. The roof terrace and dome of the Reichstag Building can be visited by members of the public, and offer spectacular views of the parliamentary and government district and Berlin's sights. Admission is free, but with advance registration.

  • Brandenburg Gate: The Brandenburg Gate is an 18th century monument in Berlin, built on the site of a former city gate that marked the start of the road from Berlin to the town of Brandenburg. For many visitors, the Brandenburg Gate is the first stop while sightseeing. The sandstone arch opens onto the spacious Pariser Platz square and serves as the portal to Berlin’s most impressive street: Unter den Linden. As such, the site is expectedly buzzing with tourists, street performers, and selfie sticks. It also serves as the monumental backdrop for Berlin’s annual Pride Parade, as well as concerts, festivals, and World Cup viewing parties.

  • The Holocaust Memorial - Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe : The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is better known as the Holocaust Memorial by most Berliners. Opened in May 2005, the memorial in Berlin-Mitte is located near the Brandenburg Gate and is one of the city's most impressive sights. The Holocaust Memorial consists of an undulating field of 2711 concrete steles, which can be passed through from all sides. Underneath the memorial site, an information center contains several rooms—rooms of names, families who were killed, sites of concentration camps, and even voices of survivors. This site is a must for every human being, for the history of the world.

Have extended plans to explore more? Here are your luggage storage options from Vertoe available at all major cities:

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