Luggage storage is becoming an important and useful service for travelers around the world. Luggage storage services are essentially places where people can leave their bags for a while and collect it later. Leaving an item like a bag or suitcase in a temporary storage space where it stays protected until you need it again serves the very purpose of making use of it.


Why do people make use of Luggage Storage?

  • Plan a Vacation with Far More Flexibility:  Making use of luggage storage lets you plan your trip in a way that you envision it to be rather than finding yourself stuck with bags and suitcases that can limit the possibility of any change in plans.
  •  Low Cost: Generally, luggage storage services are cost-effective and extremely affordable ways of securing luggage.
  • Security: Most luggage storage services do not compromise on security. Vertoe, known as the world leader in the short-term bag storage industry, has a system where a uniquely coded tamper-proof seal is secured onto your bags once it is deposited. 
  • Instant Storage Solution: Even though you can pre-book a storage spot with many bag storage services, there are also facilities like luggage storage in NYC where you can instantly book and access safe storage space instantly, anytime, anywhere. 
  • Seamless Travel Experience: Once you have stored your bags with a luggage storage service, you need not worry about what to do with your voluminous bags and for how long you will be gone. This can relieve you from constantly stressing over your bags, making it easier to concentrate on other things while on the move instead.


When and where can you use Luggage Storage?

You can get caught in a situation where finding secure storage in a hotel is not possible every second of a trip. Airports, especially in the USA have no provision of luggage lockers, as a security measure post 9/11. 

Circumstances like this urge utilizing luggage storage services instead of ruining your plans for the day by having to drag large bags in tow. Here is when and where you can use luggage storage.

  • After landing in a particular city, prior to your hotel check-in or after check-out hours.
  • While exploring a popular tourist attraction.
  • High security venues like museums, monuments, concerts, arenas etc.
  • Long layovers.
  • Transiting through a particular city.
  • In order to navigate through crowded stress and public transportation.

Luggage storage services by Vertoe offer 1000+ locations across 65+ cities closer to all major tourist attractions and transportation hubs, making strong bags an easy and breezy affair. Rentals start at $5.95/day/item along with an insurance policy of $5000. 

Storing bags at a Vertoe location is not meant for travelers alone. Students, people who are in the city for business, office goers, other working professionals also can use our service to drop books, daily work equipment among bags and personal items for a couple of hours to a few days.

You can book a luggage storage location by visiting, enter your address in the search bar, select your check in/check out date and time to see all nearby locations that fit your needs. Complete the booking process after making a payment once you select a location.

Highlighting the list of a few bag store locations in some prominent cities in the USA along with their landmarks are as follows: