Beaches are America’s leading tourist destinations along with being popular during spring and summer time. A perfect place for families and a great place to unwind, they are also the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

You can’t beat a beach holiday when it comes to escaping the everyday hustle and bustle. For those seeking serene solitude or some quality time with loved ones, the gentle breeze and the soothing sound of the waves suit anyone and everyone.

Though a beach trip is the perfect way to rejuvenate the mind and body, carrying beach essentials is important. This means taking extra stuff.  Heavy bags can be tiring to carry while lugging oversized bags can be awkward at a beach. 

If you are one of those with a tight schedule and left with little time to do some beach hopping, then making use of luggage storage to store your bags and other items temporarily can be a source of relief.


Can I find Luggage Storage Services closer to beach destinations?

If you are all set to hit the beach, in all willingness to get a little wet and sandy, but with no clue about what to do with your bags and baggage, then you needn’t look any further. Meet Vertoe, your instant storage spot to meet all your storage needs.

The World’s first highly rated daily luggage and short-term storage provider, Vertoe luggage storage service offers numerous bag store locations closer to beach destinations as well. Our 1000+ location network of vast bag storage spaces spread across 65+ cities lets you book your storage spot anytime and anywhere.

With rates starting at $5.95 per day with an insurance policy of $5000, you can secure your items affordably with peace of mind and enjoy your beachy escapade stress-free.


Some must-visit beaches in USA 

Here are some of the best beach getaways in the USA where you can make use of luggage storage services:

Miami Beach

Located just off mainland Miami, this beach is one of the world’s most popular vacation spots, with trendy nightlife that goes far beyond sun and sand, with world-renowned art galleries, first-class hotels, dining and shopping avenues. The best way to get around Miami Beach is on foot. 

Though Miami beach is generally safe for visitors, make sure your bags do not hinder this tranquil experience by struggling with heavy suitcases. Dropping them with luggage storage Miami Beach instead can let you make the most of your beachcation time while you are ready to hit the sun and sand! 

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Santa Monica

A lively beach located just west of Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica beach is 2 miles long and is filled with activities like playing a game of beach volleyball at the courts made along the beach, a round of surfing or paddle boarding. You can also visit the attractions nearby such as the iconic Santa Monica Pier, Carousel Park and the International Chess Park and also experience the haven of shops, spas, restaurants and more.

Utilizing Santa Monica bag storage to let go of your voluminous suitcases is the best way to enjoy and indulge in all the activities and attractions that this beach destination has to offer.

Venice Beach

Known for its skate, surf, and beach culture, Venice Beach has almost 3 miles of coastline with 238 acres of beach and is a perfect weekend getaway filled with fun. Its busy Venice boardwalk which upstages the Pacific Ocean is the best way to start your day. The beachfront boardwalk consists of street performers, a skate park, street vendors, an open-air body building gym, and shops touting tourist goods. Venice beach also offers great views of the mountains and is visited by millions of people to discover its unique vibe and independent charm.

Luggage storage near Venice Beach can be helpful for you to stash away your bags in order to relax, surf, and play beach games around the recreation center or even if you have plans to walk to Santa Monica, since they are twins that are right next to each other.

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Rockaway Beach, NY

Located in Queens, Rockaway Beach is an oceanfront stretch that is home to beaches, food vendors, and beginner-friendly surf spots. It is known as New York City’s only open-ocean surfing beach, with designated 365-day surfing areas. Rockaway Beach is also home to a variety of playgrounds and other outdoor activities and is New York’s summertime destination and one of the state’s best beaches.

Luggage storage NYC has abundant bag storage locations that can safely accommodate your belongings while you take a stroll, run or surf at New York’s most beautiful and vibrant beaches without worrying about your bags.

Coronado Beach

The wide sandy Coronado Beach is a site of stunning beauty and has been named one of America’s finest beaches by The Travel Channel, Dr. Beach, and many others. It is a perfect vacation destination with miles-long shoreline, a peaceful environment, and numerous outdoor activities. There are other stunning beaches surrounding it, and travelers can stroll and enjoy nature.

Visitors can leave their bags with San Diego bag storage to avoid carrying bulky suitcases before going by boat through the Coronado Ferry that departs downtown San Diego at the Broadway pier and then use a water taxi from the landing point of the Coronado Ferry. 

Beach destinations can be the ultimate remedy for those waiting to get away from their daily stress. Also, a perfect place for families to unwind and relax, a beach destination is the best place to sit back and soak up the sun and watch the waves roll in.

Letting Vertoe luggage storage manage your bags while you make the most of your beach vacation is the best way to ensure that you feel at ease, less tense, and more creative when near the ocean, without having to be concerned about watching your bags.

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