Traveling solo is a rewarding and enriching way to see the world. With travel buddies and companions, there are always compromises and sacrifices to agree on a mutually approved itinerary. While going solo, you get to decide where you want to eat and set your own pace about choosing what activity to do next. 

However, it can be scary traveling alone, especially if you are a first-timer. But the thought of solo travel can be so exciting that it can override your fears and push you out of your comfort zone.


Benefits of Traveling Alone 

Solo travel represents freedom and independence. Traveling alone helps one encounter incredible experiences and make connections that they probably wouldn’t have, had they traveled with family or friends. Benefits of traveling solo are:

  1. Gives you Confidence – Stepping out of one’s comfort zone by traveling somewhere alone can help you gain confidence to take on the world.
  2. Freedom – Solo travel offers you the ultimate freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want to and at a budget you can afford.
  3. New Friendships and Connections – With plenty of opportunities to make connections with like-minded explorers, solo travel throws you into social settings and opportunities to get to know others and other cultures.  
  4. Self- Discovery – You get to find out and know yourself better when you are not stuck going to the same places that your family and friends enjoy or doing the same routine tours all of the time.
  5. Learning New Skills – As a solo traveler you learn new skills even if it is picking up a new language or non-verbal communication skills with the locals.

While solo traveling is truly incredible and exhilarating, there are some disadvantages to it as well.


Common Challenges of Traveling Solo 

There is no doubt that as a solo traveler, you’re the protagonist of your own adventure, it is empowering and liberating. But there are challenges with traveling by yourself and it is better to be prepared knowing what they are.

  1. Planning the ItineraryOne of the biggest factors that solo travelers need to be prepared for is planning a trip by themselves. This can be too stressful as many of them simply don’t feel confident in making big decisions.
  2. Expensive – With no one to split the cost of room, share the cost of private tours and taxis, solo travel can be prohibitively expensive. 
  3. Considering Personal Safety– One of the disadvantages of traveling alone is that there is no one there to watch your back. When you are traveling with other people you can walk back to the hotel late at night with them, look after each other’s belongings and be vigilant for scams together.
  4. Dining Alone – Traveling solo may mean having to eat more meals alone and also not being able to order some of your favorite dishes as restaurants may not make dishes for one.
  5. Struggle to get Good Photos – Often solo travelers have the only choice of asking other travelers to take their pictures, which can be awkward as sometimes you may feel the need to take another better photo and wish you had a better camera buddy. 

Solo travelers often find themselves in unpleasant situations with heavy suitcases. They are left with bag weight restrictions limiting them from free movement and not knowing how to handle the situation.


How can you get rid of Burdensome Bags while Traveling Solo?

Luggage storage services, an increasingly popular solution that offers secure, affordable, and accessible spaces for travelers to store their belongings and this is what solo travelers need to utilize. The reliability of luggage storage facilities can significantly help influence travel decisions, more so in the case of solo travelers. 

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