Explore New York with Vertoe proximity

Explore New York with Vertoe proximity

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  • Widely known for its dense population, traffic congestion, curious buildings touching the sky, and sidewalks flooded with people, NYC has tremendous impact on financial, commercial, art, fashion and economic sectors, and attracts millions of tourists every year. With a never-ending list of things to do as a traveler in NYC, be it exploring landmarks, exotic food, off-beat niches, museums and events within a specific time limit, you need smart planning to enjoy the city and embrace memories afterward.

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    What do you do if you have a ton of luggage with you, while touring the city? What if you have to carry this ungainly luggage around, tiring you and impeding enjoyment of your trip? Let Vertoe help make your journey hassle-free. The leading luggage solution provider in NYC with over 60 locationsincluding Penn Station connecting main NYC stations, downtown and uptown Manhattan with iconic skyline views, Grand Central Station, the major commercial intersection Times Square, Brooklyn with its serene art and amazing architectures and quintessential Queens.

    By helping you find a location in close proximity to your itinerary, where you can drop off your bags and keep them safe until you are ready to go, without bogging you down or interfering with your plans, Vertoe is the one-stop solution to your travel hassles. Providing easy access enabling you to immediately travel hands-free, Vertoe offers quick online booking, cost-effective pricing and transparent cashless payments with an added guarantee of $1000 on your bags.

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    Being in the city that never sleeps, Vertoe urges you to make the most of NYC and ensures a stress-free experience without having to lug bags around. Head to Brooklyn Museum for unique, unconventional exhibitions and expressive collections of Art. Visit a piece of history at Grand Central terminal as you take the subway to get out and about the city. Visit the flea at Chelsea Market for special trinkets and bargains, delicious food and charming spaces. Time Square in Midtown Manhattan serves as a hub for theater and performances, while SoHo and Fifth Avenue satiate diverse shopping urges. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge for magnificent skyline views and run along the High Line for restored railway splendor and proximity to the Meatpacking district. Endless possibilities to explore without the accompanying stress, log in to www.vertoe.com to find a storage location near you.

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    Browse for FAQS, pricing and check out the ‘How it works’ video.

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