The third busiest station in the country, Chicago’s Union Station is the hub for mid-western corridor services and long-distance trains serving the West. It is one of Chicago’s most iconic structures, reflecting the city’s strong architectural heritage and historical achievements.

No other terminus is as elaborate and beautiful as Union Station Chicago, making it a famous landmark in the metropolis.

Luggage storage Union Station can be extremely useful in this spectacular transportation hub to avoid struggling with voluminous bags while you are in Chicago either on a vacation or heading for a business trip to crack a deal.

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About historic Chicago Union Station

Known amongst the most magnificent terminals in the United Stations, Union Station Chicago has been an iconic structure and a wonder of modern transit for almost a century. It is a significant piece of Chicago’s past and a valuable asset for its future. 

Having earned the distinction of being among Chicago’s most recognizable buildings reflecting the city’s rich architectural history and notable accomplishments, the station features large Corinthian pillars, marble flooring, and Bedford limestone Beaux-Arts façade.

Union Station Chicago has been best recognized for its imposing Great Hall, frequently bathed in gentle light. The complete station complex, including the arrival and storehouse tracks, spans almost ten city blocks. A wealth of history and venues await to be explored.

It is also one of the most photo-worthy spots in Chicago with a lot left to be appreciated by visitors.

Luggage storage in this magnificent train station, which is truly one of its kind is all the more fundamental for visitors to explore and learn about its history and more without having to carry suitcases along.

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Importance of Luggage Storage options in Union Station Chicago

Union Station Chicago has been a landmark since it opened in 1925 and is one of the last great American railroad stations.The center for long routes connecting the West and mid-western line operations, four rail tracks meet at the station to meet the rapidly growing need for transit rail service to and from Chicago.

Union Station is the epicenter of Chicago transit with CTA buses connecting people to Metra and Amtrak trains and vice versa.

There are several locations within Union Station Chicago that can be explored by visitors. It is a misconception that it is merely a train terminal with little else to offer visitors.

Today, the station has already been actively working to reconstruct several parts so that they are suitable for the 21st-century lifestyle. It surely is one of the epic train stations around the world as it now provides people with vintage appeal in a warm atmosphere. 

Dropping your bags with a luggage storage facility near a transit spot as prominent as this one, to be able to collect them only when you need them next is a perfect scenario, and Union Station Chicago definitely asks for one. 

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How Vertoe solves your Luggage Storage problem in Union Station Chicago? 

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