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Luggage Storage Millennium Park

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Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Luggage Storage Millennium Park

Taking a stroll sans luggage in the 25-acre scenic landscape of Millennium Park will only add to its beauty. Book a Vertoe luggage storage at Millennium Park and go hands-free to enjoy the state of the art architecture, inspiring artwork and refreshing green space of Chicago.

Vertoe is an on-demand, short-term service that offers multiple secure locations for luggage storage at Millennium Park and throughout. Vertoe has partnered with over a hundred local businesses, to establish safe daily or monthly spaces for one and all. Book a Vertoe space online and just leave your bags safely in Millennium Park.

Vertoe offers you multiple options,from short-term locker rentals alternatives or  to daily storage.Our rental starts from as low as $5.95 per day which makes for an affordable deal.  We have created safe, easy, and reliable spaces to leave luggage around Millennium Park.Vertoe’s unique and digitally coded tamper proof seal makes it a safer and better alternative to any conventional storage options.Vertoe understands the importance of your belongings and hence, each bag is secured with a uniquely coded tamper-proof seal and you get an industry best insurance of $5000 to give you that extra peace of mind. Avoid queuing up at a conventional luggage storage  or be hassled with luggage worries that may spoil your further plans. Just enjoy the ease of booking your space online at Millennium Park luggage storage with Vertoe and let us store your baggage safe and sound.

Click here to avail up to 30% discount on Vertoe Bookings.

Click here to avail up to 30% discount on Vertoe Bookings.

About Millennium Park

A vast public park being one the major attraction of which sits at the core of downtown on Michigan Avenue. With lively surroundings and an abundance of energy, you should be relishing the park instead of dragging luggage. Leave your bags with Vertoe for safe and secure storage.

Best things to do around Millennium Park with Vertoe presence

Here are some major landmarks around Millennium Park with Vertoe spaces:

Near Clark/ Lake Station

An amalgamation of two stations in one, Clark/ Lake Station is one of the busiest in Chicago . You can leave your bags with Vertoe instead of carrying them along at this station.

Near Northwestern

Northwestern is one of the country's leading private research and teaching universities, located in Evanston, IL. Book Vertoe’s short term space today for a safe and insured option to store your luggage while you go around its expansive campus.

Near Union Station

Union Station is one of the most incredible sights that it has to offer. Explore Union Station and its surroundings by safekeeping baggage  in a Vertoe facility and have unlimited fun.

Near Grant Park

Buckingham fountains, Millennium Park, Art Institute are few of the landmarks in Grant Park that will instantly draw your attention. It is high time to take your attention away from bags and leave them with Vertoe without a worry.

Near Old Town

With German roots, Old Town captures attention for Victorian-era buildings and attractive shops. Small eateries, beautiful boutiques, and cozy coffee shops are among the reasons to drop your luggage with Vertoe safely and roam here luggage free.

Millennium Park is a place full of attractive locations and exciting events. With so many iconic landmarks and tourist attractions, there’s no wrong place to start when it comes to sightseeing. And Vertoe makes it convenient with having a vast presence across all these landmarks for a perfect solution. So grab your space through easy booking with Vertoe and enjoy these landmarks hassle-free.

·         near West Town

·         near Winnemarc Park

·         near Little India

·         near Guaranteed Rate Field

·         near History Museum


Best things to do at Millennium Park

Escape the chaos of Chicago and take a peaceful stroll through one of the prettiest parks in the city: Millennium Park! With an extensive collection of public artworks, Millennium Park offers a full cultural experience. Millennium Park is a great place for both tourists and locals to hang out and take in the culture of Chicago . Here is a list of our favorite things to do around Millennium Park:

Cloud Gate:

Art enthusiasts may want to start with the famous Cloud Gate sculpture, widely nicknamed “The Bean,” located in Millennium Park. This sculpture is now one of ’s most famous celebrity spots, attracting millions of tourists every year. With Vertoe, you can find an on-demand baggage spot anywhere near Millennium Park.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion:

 You can’t miss this incredible pavilion at Millennium Park. The Jay Pritzker Pavilion houses many outdoor concerts and shows throughout the year. Even if you’re not in town for a concert, the Pavilion offers a great place to sit and relax, while enjoying the skyline. Don’t worry about your luggage—Vertoe’s on-demand  luggage storage space will take care of it for you!

Crown Fountain:

 This favorite hangout spot for locals is an incredible structure in the park. Constructed of two large, digital towers, the Crown Fountain plays videos of surrounding nature in an astounding way. Explore Crown Fountain luggage-free with Vertoe’s short-term luggage storage near Millennium Park.


Where can visitors find suitable luggage storage near Millennium Park?

One of the largest green roofs in the world, Millennium Park has been constructed on top of a railroad yard and large parking garages. Popular for its variety of visual, performance, and agricultural artwork, Millennium Park is a frequent spot for locals and visitors. Vertoe’s luggage storage near Millennium Park becomes handy for visitors to drop their heavy bags before heading to one of the top tourist attractions in Chicago, which is also listed amongst the largest parks in the city sprawling over 319 acres of land. 

Vertoe, with a vast network of 1000+ locations across 65+ cities also has an extensive network of bag store spaces around Millennium Park in Chicago. A few of them are listed below:

  • A Vertoe bag storage point is located 0.36 miles away from Millennium Park, with operating hours from Monday - Friday from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.

  • Another closer luggage storage spot is 0.46 miles away near Grant Park with the store remaining open from Monday - Friday from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. Let go of your bags with Vertoe for safe and secure baggage storage for rentals starting at $5.95.

Wait no further. Book a bag storage space with Vertoe, also available closer to transit spots in Chicago like  O’Hare International Airport and Union Station Chicago, and explore Millennium Park to the fullest sans baggage worry!

Check luggage storage tips Chicago for more details on bag-drop-off options in Chicago.

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