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  • Among the best things about going on holiday is the chance to explore new sights and indulge in novel experiences. And often, this comes at a steep cost — in large part attributed to transport. While hiring taxis is convenient, they tend to burn a hole in your wallet and most times are not even the quickest means to get around, especially in a metropole like NYC. Similarly, rental cars not only include high cost of add-ons like insurance, navigation and child seats, but also feature the added expense of exorbitant parking fees, the hassle of finding suitable parking locations and the stress of navigating a crowded unfamiliar mammoth city.

    Grand Central Station

    The answer — enlist the use of mass transit options to help you commute. Most NYC airports offer shuttle services to and from the city at reasonable fares while the NYC subway and bus system (MTA) offers a wide network of convenient and cost-effective options to travel within the city. What’s more — you are free to take in the surrounds, meet new people, get some reading done or even catch up on sleep while you are at it. And all while doing the environment a good turn.

    Worrying about hauling those extra bags around? Vertoe is the leading luggage solutions provider in NYC with over 10 locations in major neighborhoods in close proximity to airports and city landmarks. Log in to Vertoe online, where you can find and book suitable storage locations, at a convenient distance from transit stations enabling you to travel hands-free and sans stress. With flexible pricing, added guarantee of $1000 on your bags, round-the-clock assistance and transparent cashless payments, Vertoe is committed to making your travel more affordable and less exasperating.

    Brooklyn Bridge

    With all that newfound time on your hands, the whole city is your oyster. Spend the day in an open-top bus exploring the best of the city’s icons, hopping on and off as you choose along downtown and uptown Manhattan. Take a tour of history at Grand Central Station, while indulging in choice martinis or a walk on the Brooklyn bridge with stunning skyline views. Ride the subway to Williamsburg and spend the day getting around the bazaar of artists’ fleas, vintage shops, delectable restaurants and inventive cocktail bars. Make an art pilgrimage to the Upper East side, hit the High Line and the Whitney, navigate SoHo and Fifth Avenue, bike Manhattan’s west side, visit Flushing and find those quiet, picturesque nooks that only the locals know — stray without being weighed down and be part of an experience that’s authentically New York.

    Log in to for bookings and check out the ‘How It Works’ video and FAQs for more details.

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