As a traveler, it is imperative and important to know how to keep luggage safe at all times. Traveling light is very hard, particularly when you’re going away for a long period. Luggage woes are a frustrating event, turning a vacation into a nightmare.

One of the worst things about traveling with lots of luggage is that your final day is wasted. Your flight home might not be until the evening, but you have to check out of your hotel in the morning. Therefore, you have a whole day to still do and see things, only you’ve also got loads of luggage to drag around. As such, many people just head straight to the airport or spend the rest of the day in the hotel lobby.

Look for luggage storage services in NYC for instance, if you are in the city and drop your stuff there and explore NYC to the fullest without dragging bags, as it offers an abundance of iconic attractions and experiences, which deserve to be experienced without dragging bulky bags in tow.

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What are some of the alternative bag-drop-off options currently available?

Consider a scenario where you can’t check into your hostel or Airbnb place in San Francisco until mid-afternoon, but you arrive on an early overnight flight from the other side of the ocean. The last thing you probably want to do while jet-lagged is haul your bags around the busy sidewalks of the city while you’re feeling sleep-deprived and jet-lagged.

If you have to check out of your place by 11 a.m. and you’ve got a train that doesn’t leave until that evening, you can store your luggage and spend the whole day exploring, with nothing weighing you down except a daypack.

If you are staying either in a hostel or a one-room Airbnb place in Los Angeles and then if you’re going to have a long stretch of time before boarding a train or flight, that is when you’ll need a reliable bag storage spot.

There’s one place, all over the world where you’re almost sure to find a place to stow your luggage: the place where you’ll see lots of people with lots of luggage. In most cities, the bus station, train station or airports have dedicated luggage lockers for visitors to drop their bags for a fee. Often, if you have a large suitcase, you’ll get charged by the hour. If you are carrying more than one bag, you may be charged double. 

The problem with storing your bags either with a hotel, hostel, airbnb or even conventional luggage lockers is that you may have to travel back and forth to drop and pick up. Along with that many of them have size restrictions and may not be able to accommodate larger size luggage. Many train stations, bus stations and airports, unfortunately, no longer offer luggage lockers due to increased security measures following the Sept 11th attacks in the US. 

If you are looking for places to leave your luggage that’s safe, convenient and affordable, then your search ends with Vertoe

Vertoe is the world’s leading on-demand, short-term luggage storage service that offers 1000+ secure locations to store your bags and personal items across 65+ cities.

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Luggage storage solutions by Vertoe 

Vertoe’s luggage storage services are easily accessible and available across all major cities and their respective landmarks and transit hubs in the USA like Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Miami, Jersey City and many more other cities and landmarks across the world like Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore to name a few.

Vertoe provides professional and safe bag storage services to help you experience the freedom to explore the city without extra luggage. The booking process is simple and easy, visit, enter your address in the search bar, select your check in/check out date and time to see all nearby locations that fit your needs. Once you select a location, just put in your card information to complete the booking through our secure payment system.

Rentals are extremely affordable and start at $5.95/day/item along with an insurance coverage for up to $5000. Along with this your bags are secured using uniquely coded tamper-resistant seals and our location partners are vetted and verified to ensure the safety of your bags while they are at a Vertoe location.

We at Vertoe understand last-minute change in plans. If you wish to cancel your booking any time before the check in date, please log in to your account at and go to bookings to cancel the booking or reach out to

Storing bags and personal belongings is not just limited to travelers alone at Vertoe.You could either be looking for short-term locker rentals alternatives, daily space or even hourly storage space as a businessman, working professional or even as a student, and Vertoe provides you with instant storage options anywhere, anytime.

You no longer have to worry about lugging bags or desperately searching for a storage point when you need to dump your bags for hours. Vertoe’s bag storage locations are easily accessible closer at all major attractions, landmarks and transit hubs. Simply let go of your bags and get going either with your work, business or touristy activities bags and hands-free at the same time!

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