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Luggage Storage Berkeley San Francisco

Renowned for the prestigious University of California, Berkeley offers many reasons to fancy a visit. And while you are on the exploration, Luggage storage at Berkeley in San Francisco helps you go hands-free while walking around these universities. Likewise, Vertoe offers luggage storage throughout San Francisco to give the required ease during your travel. 

Go on top of Campanile for a breath-taking view, or enjoy the electrifying energy at open-air Hearst Greek Theatre for live concerts, Berkley will impress you in many ways. Catering expert culinary and adventurous outdoors, Berkley is filled with diversity. So don’t get tied up with your bags, utilizing luggage storage service at Berkeley with Vertoe will only give you that extra pleasure of exploring carefree.

Need for Luggage Storage near Berkeley San Francisco

Walking around the interesting architecture definitely creates the need to have safe luggage storage to be able to drop heavy bags and explore luggage-free. Utilizing bag storage at Berkeley with Vertoe gives you more time admiring these buildings instead of worrying about your bags. 

Talking of the exciting things, enjoy the bay view from the top of the Sather tower or boat around at Berkeley Marina, luggage free ride always adds on to the extra comfort and gives room for other activities. 

But if some concert at open-air Hearst Greek Theatre or other performances is on the agenda, just drop your bags safely with Vertoe instead of conventional luggage lockers near Berkeley and escape those long queues at the baggage checks. 

Where can I Store my Luggage near Berkeley with Vertoe?

Vertoe locations are available at all the major landmarks in San Francisco. Transit locations top this chart. Dropping bags near San Francisco airport, Oakland Airport, or Caltrain station opens your avenues to go hands-free right before entering the city. 

Vertoe offers multiple locations at tourist destinations as well. Luggage storage near Berkeley and Union Square leads you to make elaborate plans like long hours of shopping, theatre visit, and even attending music performances. All it takes is booking a suitable storage space from and dropping bags at the convenient Vertoe location instead of conventional luggage lockers near Berkeley 

Things to do near Berkeley

  • Berkeley in San Francisco is home to the University of California and renowned for being the birthplace for the 1960s free speech movement. It boasts of an array of theatres, cafes, shops, and dining options.

  • Even if you are not a scholar here, Berkeley University is a great place to visit. At the heart of it lies the Cal Campus which boasts of a number of historical and architectural marvels.

  • To have a great evening immersed in cultural experience, Art District has a number of great theatres and museums. Berkeley Rep, Aurora Theatre, Art Museum, and music shows are an absolute delight.

  • A short drive from downtown Berkeley, lies Tilden Park spread over 2000 acres. It is a great place to unwind amidst nature and is a perfect destination for family outings and hiking paths.

  • As home to Peet’s and Chez Panisse, Berkeley is a lively culinary destination. It caters to a wide variety of audiences and Michelin star restaurants go side by side with cheap eats at the university campus. 

  • To satiate your retail therapy desires,  using the fourth street at Berkeley. It has an array of upscale and affordable shopping avenues and has a number of cafes and restaurants to serve culinary delights.

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