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Luggage Storage Gare Du Nord Paris

Connecting numerous national and international destinations, Gare Du Nord is one of the sixth largest train terminals in Paris. Whereat one end this station can lead you to countries like Belgium, Germany, the UK, etc. and, on the other, it adjoins you to urban transportation like Paris Metro, buses, and Regional Express Network. With these prime features, Gare Du Nord is an ideal location for Luggage Storage in Paris.

With huge traffic pouring in by locals and tourists, storing bags at Gare Du Nord with Vertoe will help you avoid the discomfort of dagging your bags across the station. Also if you plan to do a multi-location trip, then book a left luggage service with Vertoe for a longer duration and enjoy your expedition uninterrupted. 

Need for Luggage Storage near Gare Du Nord Paris

As mentioned earlier, Gare Du Nord leads to not only national but also multinational locations. Instead of dragging heavy bags to all these locations, you can always leave your unwanted luggage with Vertoe Paris Baggage Storage Services. Pick it back once you are done with your trips. 

Gare Du Nord also makes a prime location in the city. With multiple things to do nearby, this transit location leads you to several attractions within the city. But heavy bags can slow you down when visiting these attractions. Dropping extra bags with Vertoe locations near Gare Du Nord is much safer and convenient as compared to any other conventional luggage lockers near Gare Du Nord.

Vertoe services start from as low as €5.95 and apart from the secured tamper-proof seals, Verote also offers an insurance claim of $5000 for complete peace of mind. So whether you opt for instant bookings or try pre-booking options, the left luggage near Gare Du Nord is made easy with Vertoe. 

Where can I Store my Luggage near Gare Du Nord with Vertoe?

Vertoe offers many convenient locations in Paris to leave bags safely. The list of complete locations can be found either on the website or on the Vertoe iOS app.  Just make online bookings and your luggage worries will be gone for long. 

Knowing the popularity of the locations, Vertoe instant storage spaces are available near Louvre Paris and Gare De Lyon. Both locations are prime spots in Paris and give the convenience of dropping and picking the luggage with no hassles. So book a Vertoe near Gare Du Nord and set yourself free for what this amazing city has to offer. 

Things to do at Gare Du Nord Paris

  • The magnificent Gare du Nord designed in 1861 is the home station for trains to northern France and other major European cities. 
  • The unique artwork of Maison Fond is located right outside the entrance of this station. It showcases a melting house that resembles the effects of global warming to draw the attention of passerby’s. 
  • It’s time for some adrenaline rush by witnessing the horror and shocks at Le Manoir de Paris. Named as the first haunted house of Paris, this place has special effects and actors which make for a spine chilling frightening atmosphere. 
  • The fabulous Canal Saint Martin is a short walk away from the station and is surrounded by lovely cafes, boutiques, and street performances. It’s a great picnic spot or even for quiet time reading some nice book in the sunshine. 
  • If you want to experience the charms, food, and delights of India, head out to Little India. It has an array of Indian restaurants, boutiques, and grocery stores giving a glimpse and taste of India. 
  • Are you are interested in local produce? Look no further than Marche Saint Quentin. This famous farmers market is a short hop from the station and also has a number of famous seafood restaurants in the city.
  • One of the most famous fabric stores in Paris is a short walk from the station. Marche Saint Pierre is one of the best places to experience and purchase one and all kinds of French and international fabric.

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