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Luggage Storage Gare De Lyon Paris

One of the main train stations in the city, Gare De Lyon makes a perfect spot for Luggage Storage in Paris. Either deboarding to make a quick visit to the city or boarding to explore other nearby landmarks, Vertoe will store your bags near Gare De Lyon for as long as you like. 

A perfect blend of classic and modern, Gare De Lyon is a terminal worth a visit. It not only meets the transportation purpose but also stands tall as a great hanging out spot. Don't miss out on the iconic clock tower at the end of the building. And while you are enjoying the city sights, Vertoe will take care of your extra load of luggage.

Need for Luggage Storage near Gare De Lyon Paris

A great example of the architecture of its time, Gare De Lyon is also the third busiest terminus and is a major landmark for many local and tourist travelers. If you are planning to start your expedition, Paris Baggage Storage near Gare De Lyon with Vertoe will come in very handy. You can simply book a Vertoe near this station and make an extensive plan to visit the city which otherwise can be restricted. 

Vertoe offers highly expert services which any day supersedes the conventional luggage lockers near Gare De Lyon. Starting as low as €5.95, Vertoe not only offers the utmost safety of your bags but also provides an insurance claim of $5000 for that absolute assurance. So go ahead and make elaborate plans, visit the city or hop on the train to explore the outskirts because Vertoe left luggage near Gare De Lyon will keep your hands-free for any of your plans. 

Where can I Store my Luggage near Gare De Lyon with Vertoe?

Vertoe offers an extensive presence in the city so that you can find luggage storage in Paris anywhere anytime. The website, as well as the Vertoe iOS app, gives offers an extensive list of locations to choose from. 

Few among the many locations where you can store bags near Gare De Lyon are Louvre  Paris and Gare Du Nord. Both locations are prime spots in Paris and give the convenience of dropping and picking the luggage without extra hassle. So make instant bookings with Vertoe and explore the unexplored at Paris. 

Things to do at Gare De Lyon Paris

  • Gare de Lyon is the third-largest station in France handling over 90 million passengers per year. It is named after the city of Lyon, a stop for many long-distance trains departing to and from the city of Paris. While you are here, make the most of your time by exploring nearby places. 

  • If you want to break away from the din and rush of the station, head out to Coulee Verte. It has beautiful greenery on a long walk with cool and comfy vibes bringing you closer to nature. Unwind here and get charged up for your next journey. 

  • The Art Ludique museum is a wonderful place to experience a new dynamic of comic books, animations, video games, and much more. It has a unique collection highlighting the sheer imagination behind such technological marvels and the artistic dimension behind these creations. It provides a wholesome experience for the family.

  • If there ever was the best place to unwind after a hectic day in Paris, it has to be at Jardin des Plantes. It’s a wonderful botanical garden providing a deep insight into the science and wonders of plants while bringing you closer to nature. It also has a gallery specifically designed for children exciting their queries and knowledge about plants. 

  • What could be better than a relaxing swim along the river Seine? Well, Josephine Baker Swimming Pool provides exactly that experience with a floating pool along the banks of Seine. 

  • Closer to this pool, lies a famous cultural venue by the name of Petit Bain. It has a delectable restaurant, concert hall, and a great view of the river Seine. Need one to ask for more!

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