Luggage Storage Grand Central

Oct 24, 2018 | Interesting Reads | 1 comment

A city like no other, New York offers a multitude of experiences to satiate every traveler’s tastes. It is quite easy to get swept away in the wonders of this metro, while being overwhelmed by its awe-inspiring attractions. Catering to varied lifestyles and interests, NYC can, in turn, promise to be the perfect family vacation, a wild weekend getaway, the perfect romantic holiday or a delightful artistic journey.

But every so often, when the need to kick-back and slow down arises, you may choose to be undeterred by the hustle and bustle of the city. And instead, take a leisurely stroll at your own pace, revisiting some of your favorite niches.

At Vertoe, we understand your need for space all too well and offer handy, easy-to-access luggage storage facilities wherever you are. With over 100 locations in close proximity to important landmarks, across boroughs, Vertoe ensures your luggage is safe, while you spend the day in idyllic ease. As simple as it sounds, book a spot online and drop your bags off, while we have the rest of it covered for you. With transparent cashless payments and a guarantee of $5000 on your luggage, Vertoe offers short-term storage at a super affordable cost of less than $5.95 per bag!

If history tickles your curiosity, take the express back to a bygone era as you stroll through this quiet treasure in NYC’s vault — the spectacle that is Grand Central Terminal. A living testament to New York’s illustrious past, this 100-year old depot is a tribute to the city’s restless energy, inventiveness and its flair for showmanship. Beneath the imposing design and grandeur of Grand Central Terminal is a triumph of engineering and ingenuity. Gaze at the lofty arches and celestial marble façade, revealing extraordinary attention to detail. Traverse the vast, majestic space and explore the secret passageways for an unparalleled view of the courtyard. Head to the legendary Oyster Bar and marvel at the fine inventiveness of the Whispering Gallery. Relax over a couple of Manhattans at the swanky Campbell apartment as you gaze upon wave after wave of commuters. Amble along the Grand Central Market for a truly European gourmet culinary experience and look for uniquely delightful produce and recipes. While offering the gamut of all things imaginable (except for luggage storage!) in an enchanting venue, the convenience of a close Vertoe location is all you need to spend your day hassle-free, sans bags.

Visit Vertoe Grand Central to find suitable locations and check out the ‘How It Works’ video and FAQs for more details.

Submitted by Shwetha Shanthakumar. To discover her work, you can check her blog here