Luggage Storage Boston Guide!

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  • The newest on-demand innovation is here!

    Luggage storage is not just an on-demand service, rather a revolutionary innovation in the field of convenience. Who doesn’t like to have safe and convenient luggage storage on the go? And Vertoe knows it well. Vertoe offers short-term luggage storage solution to meet your hourly or daily requirements to store your bags in Boston.

    On-demand, short-term luggage storage allows you to find a nearby location to drop off your bags and start exploring. The perks of on-demand, daily storage are endless. Without your bags, you can skip long security lines at tourist attractions. You can hop on the subway without getting death glares from everyone around you. Most importantly, you can explore and enjoy the city the way you want to without lugging your bags along! In short, you can earn baggage-free peace of mind and make the most of your time.

    With Vertoe!

    It is easier than ever to find safe and affordable storage options in Boston. Vertoe partners with local business owners and stores across the city so that you can easily find a luggage storage location just minutes away from where you may be. Unlike typical luggage lockers, you won’t have to wait in long lines, face exorbitant fees, or fear that your bags may be lost. Instead, Vertoe’s proven technology and credentials will keep your bags safe and sound.

    This luggage storage guide will help you locate the best storage locations near Boston tourist attractions and transit spots. This guide is specifically designed to help you with on-the-go convenience, not only with Vertoe’s storage solutions but with a compilation of other notable storage spaces as well. So read on and learn more about storage solutions with Vertoe through this storage guide!

    Luggage Storage with Vertoe in Boston

    Vertoe is an on-demand, short-term luggage storage service with multiple secure locations throughout Boston. From hourly to daily storage options, Vertoe offers affordability and convenience to relieve you of baggage worries. Starting at just $5.95/day, Vertoe’s rates surpass those of competitors. With over 200 partnerships with local businesses, Vertoe has a network of safe and reliable luggage storage options in Boston. Furthermore, safety is a top priority at Vertoe, which is why we created our own unique, digitally coded, tamper-proof seal to ensure that your bags are always protected.

    As a market leader in the on-demand storage industry, Vertoe was featured in BusinessInsider and the New York Times for its contribution towards creating an easier lifestyle for its customers. Now, Vertoe is rapidly expanding to other major cities across the United States, with locations already in Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and many more!


    Vertoe prioritizes short-term storage safety so that you are no longer tired of lugging your bags. Simply secure your bags with a digitally coded, tamper-proof seal, provided free at the location. Then, take a picture of your unique seal code. When you are ready to pick up your luggage, just show the store owner the picture, and you are set to go!

    Pricing and Discounts

    Luggage storage rates start at $5.95 per day. Weekly bookings will receive a 15% discount for the whole booking. Monthly bookings will earn 30% off the final total. With this kind of affordability you won’t have to worry at all about lugging your bags around the city.

    Vertoe Presence

    Vertoe has numerous on-demand luggage storage locations in Boston alone. Here are some of the most popular daily storage locations that Vertoe offers within Boston:



    All of your items are insured up to $5000—the highest amount offered by any storage provider! Now you can explore the city without any worries at all.

    Booking Online

    Booking a storage location has never been easier! Simply find a location, enter in a time and date, and BOOK! With Vertoe you can find a storage location within 5 minutes of where you may be.

    Customer Service

    We provide 24/7 customer service—feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or suggestions anytime at

    How to Book

    Booking has never been simpler with Vertoe! Enter in an address, date, and time to find various Vertoe storage options near you. Then, just drop off your bags at the location and lock them with a free, unique, tamper-proof seal provided at the location. You can come back to the location at any time to pick up your bags! Learn more about the booking process here!


    Rowes Wharf Water Taxi: Although Boston Logan Airport does not offer luggage storage, the nearby Rowes Wharf Water Taxi offers both short-term luggage storage and a quick way to get downtown. The Water Taxi option offers luggage storage rates starting at $25 per day.


    Amtrak Baggage Services: You can always find Amtrak Baggage Services at a train station to temporarily store your luggage. Amtrak customers with tickets may store their luggage for a maximum of 24 hours for $10 per item. Non-Amtrak customers can store their luggage at South Station for $20 per item.

    • Location at Amtrak desk at South Station


    Greyhound Package Express: The Greyhound Package Express offers short-term luggage storage on the 5th floor of the bus terminal. However, they do not offer overnight storage and luggage must be picked up before 8pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends.

    • Location at 700 Atlantic Avenue, 5th floor

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