Los Angeles Travel Guide – Make your visit to LA a memorable experience

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Los Angeles is the city that is probably one of the most exciting cities in the USA. Los Angeles is situated in Southern California beside the Pacific Ocean. The city has many things to offer to a traveler. From the long stretches of beaches to amusement parks to Hollywood signs, Los Angeles is a place to experience fun and frolic. Whether you like to explore the urbanness of LA or the natural side of it, you will have plenty of options to choose from. You will also be thrilled to know about the various museums that offer plenty of knowledge. You can choose to go alone for a trip to LA or take your family with you. Los Angeles is sure to offer a great vacation time. 

We give you a set of recommendations to do in Los Angeles. You can consider our recommendations as your travel guide to Los Angeles. As you read along, you will find different luggage storage Los Angeles options. You can safely store your luggage at these locations and have a quality time exploring the city. Luggage storage Los Angeles options can be used for a couple of hours or for a couple of days. 

Hollywood Walk of Fame

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If you are in Los Angeles, the first thing that might come to your mind is Hollywood. You may already have a few favorite film stars and you would want to click a picture with their star on Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood Walk of Fame is on 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and 3 blocks in Vine Street. The Walk of Fame originated in 1960. It is where you can see the names of your favorite Hollywood actors, actresses, musicians, and other celebrities carved on a star made with terrazzo and brass. There are more than 2690 plus stars with names of various celebrities on it. You can beforehand look for the location of the name of your favorite celebrity before heading to the street walk. 

If you do not have any particular celebrity in mind, you can simply take a walk on the street and read the names of celebrities. If you find any names that interest you, you can stop and click a picture with the name. You will truly enjoy this experience in LA and can never get away from your minds for a long time to come. 

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Griffith Observatory

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Griffith Observatory is one of the most famous places in Los Angeles. You can do plenty of things here. This is the exact place where you can see the iconic Hollywood sign. You can go to the observatory to view through the different kinds of telescopes. You can also simply walk around the entire observatory as well. Griffith Observatory is popular for Samuel Oschin Planetarium. There are many shows that are organized every day to understand the solar system and the Universe. The shows at the planetarium are very popular. The availability of the tickets needs to be checked in advance and booked.

There are also about 60 exhibits inside the Griffith Observatory. Every exhibit is very interesting to know the subjects about the Universe. Griffith Observatory also has Griffith Park which is the largest urban wilderness park in the entire USA. You can choose to go hiking, walking, or just enjoy nature here. The best part about Griffith Park is that you can stand next to the famous Hollywood sign and click pictures with the letters. Griffith Observatory is truly an exciting place in Los Angeles.

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Venice Beach

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Visiting Venice Beach during your vacation to Los Angeles can be really amazing. Venice beach is one of the busiest places in the city. It is estimated that around 25000 to 30000 people visit the place every single day. You can imagine how much the place can offer to visitors. There are many activities and attractions in and around the region. The Venice Boardwalk and the Ocean Front Walk is the second most popular tourist attraction in California. The entire stretch is about 2 miles and comprises many shops, restaurants, food venues, and many more. You can also get to see many street performers on this lane. 

When you are here on Venice Beach, you may as well get a chance to see a Hollywood movie production. This is a very popular place for shooting Hollywood movies. There is also the famous skate plaza, bike path, children’s play areas, and fishing pier. Overall, the buzzing place of Venice Beach is surely going to thrill you in every way. Click here to know more about here to know about luggage storage Venice Beach, Los Angeles. 


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If you are in Los Angeles with your kid, then visiting Disneyland becomes compulsory. Or it may not be the presence of your kid, your visit to Disneyland will refresh your memories of childhood. If you are a fan of Disney characters, you will surely love the place. Entering the place, you will meet Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, Dumbo and many more. You will see those castles from the fairytales. You will roam around and enjoy every moment as if you are living with your favorite Disney characters. Apart from meeting your beloved characters, you can enjoy the rides here. There are simple boat rides to the thrilling rides inside. 

After having enjoyed the rides, you can go shopping. You can buy amazing Disney souvenirs for your family and friends. You can also enjoy watching a show and relishing a meal inside Disneyland. You are sure not to know how your day passed by in Disneyland. 

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Petersen Automotive Museum

Los Angeles is filled with amazing museums. If you are an automobile person, you must visit the Petersen Automotive Museum. This is definitely a great place for all motor enthusiasts who want to learn more about the field. The motor collection here makes you feel like revisiting during your every visit to Los Angeles. 

The Natural History of Museum

Do you want to learn and understand dinosaurs? There cannot be a better place than the natural history museum in Los Angeles. You will see,  not just the skeletal remains of the dinosaurs, you will also be able to learn about mammoths. You will see a huge fossilized mammoth standing just before your eyes. 

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is as popular as LACMA. It is the largest museum in Western America. The art collection is huge from various cultures around the world. There are about 120000 collections from antiques to modern art.  LACMA is a must-visit in Los Angeles. 

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Our set of recommendations are surely going to give an authentic Los Angeles experience. With luggage storage in Los Angeles available with Vertoe, your visit to every attraction in LA will be hassle-free!