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Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Luggage Storage Rome with Vertoe

Rome/Roma is a beautiful capital city of Italy. It's the most famous and visited. The city is surrounded by so much history and architectural marvels that a trip to Rome is best-experienced baggage free. It wouldn't be nice to lug your bags around everywhere you go. Luggage storage has become an essential need for local people and globetrotters. The need to store your luggage for a short period is solved simply by storing your bags in a Vertoe address. It's the best luggage storage in Rome. This service is available in multiple locations throughout the city. All you need to do is find the nearest storage in Rome, drop your bags, and go explore. All your luggage problems are solved in an instant!

There are endless places to see and things to do around here. There are many reasons to plan a trip to Rome/Roma. Prominent ancient sites like the Colosseum; sacred places like  Pantheon and St. Peter's Basilica; Renaissance art in Vatican Museums; ornate fountains like the Trevi Fountain; Palazzos and of course pizza are some good reasons. You can get a feel of what Rome was like in the past through its beautiful art and culture and history. And using a luggage service like Vertoe will only help give an enjoyable experience. The first check-off on your list is safe left luggage storage to store luggage at our nearest address. Luggage storage at this service is reliable because we give importance to safe and secure storage of every luggage and bag with tamper-proof seals. Pay when you pick up your bag. Luggage storage in Rome has never been easy or hassle-free!

Why store your luggage with Vertoe?

The need for luggage storage in Rome/Roma is in high demand as it's one of the most visited cities. Gone are the days of lining up at the train stations and the airport to store your bags in lockers at left luggage services. You can now quite simply visit any one of our conveniently located partner locations. All of our locations are vetted for security which is of utmost importance. This is the main reason we provide tamper-proof seals to put your mind at ease. You can drop off your luggage in a safe and secure place. All of our luggage storage services are located a short walk from important and most visited sites. Luggage storage has never been this easy!

Whether you have a couple of hours before your next travel plans or simply exploring the city with extra bags, Vertoe luggage storage is highly recommended. You can store your bags and personal items for a few hours or days at affordable prices starting from €5.95 per day per item irrespective of the size and weight of the bag with insurance of up to $5000. You can also avail of discounts of 15% on a weekly storage plan and 30% on monthly plans. The drop-off and pick-up are as quick as 2 minutes and our local staff would be happy to provide any extra information they can. This service is open to all travelers and locals. If you need storage for your luggage, we are your solution; the best-left luggage service.

Where can I store my luggage in Rome?

Vertoe has many ideal locations for luggage storage.  We have very easily accessible stores for your luggage deposit.  Some that you can use are -

Rome Termini Luggage Storage

Roma Termini is the main train station in Rome/Roma. The station is well-connected to all major cities in Italy and also has international connections with  Munich, Geneva, and Vienna.  Its Italian name is Termini Stazione di Roma Termini. The station is about 19 miles away from Fiumicino International Airport, the main airport in Rome.  You can hop onto a termini train after your check -your bags with us and tour neighboring beautiful sites near here. Pay only  €5.95 a day for every bag you store at Vertoe luggage storage. Leave your bag and your luggage in safe hands. Luggage storage at the termini train station is open from 9 am to 7 pm every day. See that you arrive at opening hours.

Roma termini are well connected to different parts of  Rome. Leave your luggage in a safe storage space as we offer insurance of about $5000 for your luggage.  Train stations are ideal locations for luggage storage as it's linked to all important areas.

Just across Rome Termini station are the Baths of Diocletian.  It's about 3 minutes from the train station and one of the 4 sites of the National Roman Museum. They were used for public baths and in the 4th century were used for baptism. It's the largest bath complex in Ancient Rome and is massive. It was named after Emperor Diocletian. Be mindful that Rome's museums are closed on Mondays.

The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore is also only 4 minutes away from the station.  It's the largest Catholic Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary in Rome and Bernini, a famous architect, is also buried here. You can find gorgeous 5th-century mosaics, marble floors from the medieval period, and Ionic columns from other ancient Roman buildings.

Chiesa Santa Prassede is 4 minutes from Termini station and is a very old church with incredibly beautiful Byzantine mosaics.

Another gorgeous site 4 minutes from Termini train station is Santa Maria Della Vittoria. It's recognized for the masterpiece of Gian Lorenzo Bernini in Cornaro Chapel, the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. It is a beautiful church that gained much popularity after it was mentioned in the novel, Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

Luggage Storage near Rome Airport

The main airport in Rome is Fiumicino International Airport; named after Leonardo da Vinci.  It is one of the busiest airports in Europe and is about 16 miles from the city.  Left luggage may be available at the airport terminal in standard lockers but Vertoe offers safe luggage storage. Your luggage is important to us so we provide you with a uniquely coded tamper-proof seal. The airport is linked to the city by train and by road. Vertoe Left Luggage Rome is comfortably positioned at numerous points in the city to store your luggage conveniently. If you want to not think of luggage for a few hours before your check-in time to a hotel, your luggage is in good hands with us. Store your bags safely and delve into exploring exquisite and marvelous ancient areas of Rome/Roma. Be sure to check the opening hours of Vertoe luggage storage services.

The first amazing place we recommend visiting is the Colosseum. It is one of the Wonders of the World and is famous as the place where gallant gladiator battles originated during the Roman Empire. Near the Colosseum is the Roman Forum. It is a rectangular-shaped plaza surrounded by ancient important government buildings and was initially used as a marketplace. Its towering pillars give it its monumental sight.

Trevi Fountain is not to be missed. A popularly visited site in Rome and a stunning location for movie scenes, this fountain is surely the most famous in the world. Try tossing a coin or two or three into this Baroque masterpiece and hope for your wishes to come true!

Pantheon is a striking structure and has been featured in the popular movie Angels and Demons. Once a temple in ancient Roman times, it's now a Catholic church.  A unique feature of the Pantheon is the oculus in the center of its dome which was a natural source of light back in the day.

Luggage Storage Trastevere

Trastevere means "beyond the Tiber" in Latin. If you're looking for a leisurely enjoyable time in Rome/Roma then this is the place to be.  Select a comfortable hotel stay and walk around the neighborhood. This area is best explored on foot. Trastevere is about 15 miles from Fiumicino  International Airport.  Storage for your belongings can easily be located using our mobile app. The service charges €5.95 for every piece of bag. You can store it for up to 24 hours at this price! Luggage storage should be the least of your worries.

Once you've figured out your luggage storage with us, you're free to effortlessly move around the Trastevere.  A walk through its well-preserved cobbled streets gives a quaint and charming feel right away. Pop into one of the many food joints there and experience the delectable local cuisine.

Relax in one of the many Piazzas in the area. Tourists and locals alike gather at the Piazzas and spend a laid-back leisurely time sipping drinks and eating appetizing food from nearby bars and restaurants. Piazza Trilussa regularly puts on a few performances and concerts. Check out what is playing around there at the time of your visit.

How to store your luggage with Vertoe in Rome?

If you find yourself stuck between check-in and check-out times of the hotel and towing your belongings is not something you fancy then we would recommend Vertoe services. Easy to find via our app, storage of luggage is safe at our address. Luggage storage with Vertoe is very easy. Our luggage storage lockers are fast, easy, and convenient. All you need to do is to make a booking online first via our website or use our app on your phone. You have to fill in the address or area you are looking for, the date, and the time of drop-off. Locate our luggage storage locations near you and drop your bags with us. When you arrive at the store location, you will be provided with uniquely coded tamper-proof seals. This is provided free of charge so that you can enjoy the rest of your time without worrying about the safety of your bags. Now that your bags are safely stored, you are free to move around and delight yourself in Rome. You can come back and collect your luggage whenever ready. Make sure to keep a note of the opening hours of stores so that you are not caught at the wrong times.

Click here to know more about the luggage storage guide in Rome

Things to do in Rome

A trip to Rome/Roma is incomplete without a visit to Vatican City. It's the most revered and sacred place for Christians.  When they visit the Vatican Museums. It holds priceless collections of centuries-old art and history. The Sistine Chapel is located inside the museum itself. Its ceilings are painted by the famous Michelangelo. He painted many spectacular frescoes; the famous one being the Creation of Adam. Raphael Rooms are also marvelous fresco creations by another famous Renaissance artist, Raphael.

Besides the Colosseum, other beautiful ancient ruins like the Baths of Caracalla, Trajan Forum, and Circus Maximus will not cease to impress you. They give an insight into the beautiful creative minds of Romans.

St. Peter's Square is another imposing structure that exhibits importance in the Catholic religion. A papal ticket to the square might give you a chance to have an audience with the Pope. At the far end of the square is St. Peter's Basilica. It's a sacred building with beautiful architecture and decoration.

If you fancy zipping around the streets of Rome, it can easily be arranged by booking one of the many rental Vespas. It's easier to explore tourist locations like a local.

Elegant ornate fountains adorn many streets in Rome. Some renowned ones are the Trevi Fountain, Fountain of Neptune, Fontana del Moro, and Turtle Fountain. Stop by one of them and chill by these delightful fountains and snap beautiful memories.

Many baroque landmarks like Piazza Navona and  Borghese Gallery Museum showcase music, art, and architecture of the Roman period. The beautiful Fiumi Fountain can be found beautifying the square at Piazza Navona.

Finally, gorge on delicious pizzas and pasta from where it truly originated before it delighted millions all over the world. And before you leave, don't forget to pick out high-quality good leather products.

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