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Welcome to the Airport

Being the primary transit location, the Airport is the central hub for many commuters. Having a close vicinity to the city center, the airport provides easy access to explore the city. So either stay in to enjoy the art displays and live music performances throughout the airport or head out to get some quick tour of the city. But make sure you park your bags at a safes location to enjoy everything without lugging your bags.

Layovers can't get any better now as lugging bags is a context of past! Vertoe is an instant space solution to make you go hands-free. Vertoe is well versed in storing your bags and other personal belongings with ease. Pricing starting from as low as $5.95, booking a space has become easier and much affordable than ever. Vertoe provides you a highly secure environment by storing your bags with uniquely coded tamper-proof seals and best in industry insurance coverage of $5000 for complete reliability.

Vertoe is available currently in 300+ locations worldwide with which you will always be a walk away distance from any Vertoe location. Combining convenience, safety, and affordability, Vertoe leads the instant space providers over any conventional bag drops which are expensive and have a limitation on location and choices. So go ahead and book your space within 2 minutes on Vertoe’s responsive mobile optimized website without any need of downloading or installation of an app.

Leave your bags with Vertoe and avail up to 30% off on your bookings

Dropping the bags behind safely before heading out to explore city hands-free is an emerging need. And if the location is near a transit space, then bag drops become more comfortable. This not only gives leverage to store your bags on an hourly or daily basis but the convenience of picking your bags from where you might be heading ahead for your next expedition. Simply book your bag space and leave your bags or personal belongings behind without worry of dragging them along.

It is advised to call the centers beforehand and check exact pricing and availability. Booking these spaces in advance will always save you from the last-minute change in plan.

Bag Drop options in the Airport

International Airport:

No bag drop facilities are available at the airport.

Click here for more bag drop options in the city

Few locations in the city provide bag drop facilities. Below is the list of other such spots in the city:

Bag Drop Centers

Music City Bag Drop:

Open from 7 am to 10 pm, they store your bags along with the pick and drop at a cost of $10 for 24 hours. The address is as follows:

·         212 Louise Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37203, United States

Stow Station:

This place allows you to store your bags conveniently at the city. The pricing starts from $9 for smaller bags and $18 for bigger items. They prefer prior appointments so don’t forget to call them before you make your choice. The address of Stow Station is:

·         171 1st Ave N. Nashville, TN

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