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Luggage Storage Miami With Vertoe

Did you know that Miami has the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world? Even if you didn’t know it before reading it here, it’ll become even clearer once you land in the US’s warmest winter city (just another fun fact for you).  

An increasingly common spot for conferences and business travel, there is so much more to do here when your meetings are finished but before you have to catch your flight. You can take a free walking tour, or hop on a boat to sail around the harbor. You could take a Cuban cooking class or catch a basketball game at the American Airlines Arena. Whatever your activity style might be, I’m sure we can agree on one thing - nobody wants to do any fun activity while having to stress about where to keep their luggage. 

Vertoe is here to eliminate that stress and give you the Freedom to Experience. We partner with local shops and businesses to unlock unused secure storage space where you can leave your bags for a few hours (or days!). Starting at just $5.95/day/item there is no reason to not take advantage of Luggage Storage Downtown Miami - don’t miss out on any more free time!

Luggage storage near Downtown Miami

Whether ducking out of your last conference day early or intentionally arriving early to spend some time walking around, Vertoe has several options for luggage storage downtown. From here you can be at the airport in 15 minutes by car or half an hour by bus so you have time to squeeze in at least one more activity!

  • One block from the Miami Tower and three blocks from the Miami Circle National Historic Landmark, Vertoe has a location nestled in one of the best corners downtown. The hours vary daily (Monday through Friday 11 am to 10 pm, Saturday 2 pm to 10 pm, Sunday 4 pm to 10 pm) but the price remains the same - $5.95/day/item. 

  • Need a place to drop off your bags just for a few hours in the morning or early afternoon? Not a problem. Leave your bags at our spot just a block away from Bayfront Park between 9 am and 3 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 2 pm Saturday (note - this location is not open on Sunday). This is a great place to stretch your legs while taking a minute to soak in the famous waterfront architecture. 

  • If you want luggage storage downtown but don’t want to stay in the middle of downtown, head east a mile and a half to Little Havana. Known for super cute art galleries and an eclectic range of casual restaurants, this neighborhood is vibrant and nearly overflowing with fun ways to spend a couple of hours. Our storage location here is open daily but hours do vary. 

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