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Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Book your Luggage Storage in Las Vegas with Vertoe

An Oasis in the middle of a desert, Las Vegas is the ultimate sin city. Las Vegas is known to people around the world as Sin City or The Entertainment Capital of the World. From the best casinos in the world to enthralling music and nightlife, one can legally strike off many sins from their bucket list in Las Vegas. Many have said, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Losing your bags in the mayhem or dragging them along is certainly not what you want to leave behind in Vegas. Hence, finding a short-term baggage storage solution with Vertoe will give you hassle-free fun during your stay in Vegas.

Avail of an innovative solution in short-term left luggage service in Las Vegas with Vertoe. Vertoe gives you numerous luggage storage options to leave your baggage and other personal items safely without worries. Booking luggage storage in Las Vegas with Vertoe is easy on the mobile-optimized Vertoe website and helps you book your luggage storage space in just 2 minutes. Without the hassles of downloading or installing an app, you get the convenience of finding left luggage storage locations among 1000+ Vertoe spaces.

Why store your luggage with Vertoe?

​​​​​​Vertoe is a versatile service for Luggage storage in Las Vegas to meet every short-term storage need. Whether looking for an option to store your daily work equipment or once-in-a-while personal storage, having a handy storage space with Vertoe is bliss. And with the help of technology, booking Vertoe spaces in less than a minute is no task. So go ahead and use this new innovative experience with Vertoe and have convenience on the go.

Vertoe understands the importance of your bags. We follow stringent security policies and security measures to ensure the safety of your luggage. Each bag is secured with uniquely coded tamper-proof security seals for added safety. Additionally, we provide the best-in-the-industry insurance of $5000 to give you that extra peace of mind. All our luggage storage locations are manually vetted and verified by our team. With a minimum cost of $5.95 per bag per day, Vertoe is a safe, affordable, and convenient alternative to a Left Luggage in Las Vegas, which usually is expensive and restricted to very few locations in the city that might have you travel back and forth. Enjoy excellent customer service when you leave your luggage in Las Vegas with Vertoe and enjoy the world hassle-free!

Leave your bags with Vertoe and avail up to 30% off on your bookings

Where can I store my luggage in Las Vegas?

Vertoe is a luggage storage network with many convenient locations in and around airports, train stations, and major tourist attractions. Choosing Luggage Storage Las Vegas with Vertoe gives you the freedom to create your adventure on that famous strip and enjoy the city hands-free. You can check and avail the options at Bag Storage Las Vegas.

  • Vertoe has a reliable luggage storage space available 1.13 miles away in the Arts District. The store remains open from Monday - Sunday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Make use of Vertoe’s mobile-optimized website for instant bookings and avail the benefits of storing your bags in order to explore the ‘“Sin City” totally bags-free!

Luggage Storage near McCarran International Airport

McCarran International Airport is the primary airport for the city of Las Vegas. Being home to many airlines, it serves as a feeder for many short and medium-haul flights. It was built in 1942, and the airport opened to airline flights in 1948. It is one of the busiest airports in the United States and also provides excellent connectivity to the city. Travelers can easily catch a public bus, a taxi, or an inter-city shuttle service. As you head into the city, look for the most convenient and closest Vertoe Bag Storage in Las Vegas, check in your bags with us, and go bagless.

  • The closest luggage storage near the airport is about 2.68 miles from McCarran Airport. The store is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm. The price to store bags is $5.95 for a bag, a day.

  • Another close luggage storage location is near SeaQuest Las Vegas. This store is about 2.68 miles from McCarran Airport. The store is open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. Feel free to leave all and any size bags with us as we do not use storage lockers. There are no size and weight restrictions aside from the fact that bags that weigh more than 75lbs will be charged as two items. Customers can also avail 10% off on shipping costs in their services here.

Click here for more information on Luggage Storage at McCarran International Airport.

Luggage Storage near Las Vegas Strip

This is what Vegas is known for! This iconic tourist destination is where people are tempted to gamble some money or at times, go all the way. The Las Vegas Strip is what makes Las Vegas so popular for unbridled fun. It is a stretch of South Las Vegas Blvd. If you are in Las Vegas for travel, you will eventually end up at The Strip. Though casinos are all over the city, The Strip, albeit a smaller part of the boulevard, has some of the best ones adjacent to one another. This walk is one down memory lane. Don’t miss it when in town. And while you're out to have fun, don't gamble your fun by towing your bags around. Choose a convenient Las Vegas Luggage Storage with Vertoe.

  • The nearest luggage storage services from the Las Vegas Strip is mentioned above under McCarran Airport. It is located 1.95 mi respectively away from the Strip.

  • However, you can also use Vertoe Luggage Storage Las Vegas, which is 2.55 mi from the Strip. This store is open every day from 9 am to 11 pm.

  • Another that you can use is 3.18 mi from the Las Vegas Strip. This luggage storage location is open all 7 days of the week from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.  So you can drop off your bags anytime and pick them up at a time suitable to you. All bags are sealed with uniquely coded tamper-proof seals for added security and provided with an insurance cover of $5000.

Click here for more information on Luggage Storage Las Vegas Strip. 

How to store your luggage with Vertoe in Las Vegas?

Booking a Las Vegas luggage storage with Vertoe is very simple and easy. All you need to do is:

  • Log on to our website and enter the location you are looking for. Put in the address, date, and time to check the service store that fits your needs. You will find information on all the nearest luggage storage in Las Vegas.

  • Store your items at your selected luggage storage location and secure your bags with uniquely coded tamper-proof seals (provided at the store at no extra cost).

  • Take a photo of your unique code. This will act as your digital token. When you arrive to pick up your luggage, show your unique code photo to collect your luggage.

  • Keep in mind the open hours of the stores. Make online bookings at Locker Las Vegas.

Utilize Vertoe Bag Storage in Las Vegas and enjoy your time hassle-free knowing that your baggage is stored safely with us. You can come back to pick it up whenever needed. If you have any questions or need more information, contact us by email at We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We also welcome any reviews you would like to leave us. To get additional details on luggage storage in Las Vegas, you can also check the article by Freetoursbyfoot.

Why is Vertoe your best bet for storing luggage in Las Vegas?

Millions of people visit Las Vegas annually to relax, dine, shop, see performers, experience the nightlife and, of course, enjoy a go at the gaming tables. It is famous for its luxury hotels, casinos, and nightclubs. Circus Circus Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip features free world-class circus acts nightly, a carnival Midway with over 200 games for all ages. Make use of luggage storage Circus Circus by Vertoe to better enjoy a wide range of dining and entertainment experiences here without having to worry about your bags.

Completed in 1999, The Venetian Resort was envisioned as a tribute to the famed city of Venice, Italy, where art and history combine with fun and excitement. This popular hotel and casino offers shops, shows, and additional attractions all set within architectural replicas of some of Venice's greatest monuments. You can find a massive convention center, a shopping area, a nightclub, and a casino inside the complex. Given the extent of the activities here, people often spend all day at The Venetian. Sometimes, they even split their visit into multiple days just to ensure that they can see everything this facility has to offer. The best possible way to do so is to ensure that your heavy baggage is taken care of by a dependable source like bag storage Venetian to ensure every moment spent here is fun-filled without lugging bags in tow.

Here is why you should opt for Vertoe’s Vegas luggage storage :

Convenient Locations

With Vertoe’s responsive mobile-optimized website you can find a storage location within 2 minutes of where you may be. Vertoe provides real-time availability of storage spaces across various cities and landmarks. Simply find a location, enter a time and date, and BOOK!

Safety and trusted storage spaces

Vertoe goes the extra mile in comprehensively vetting each store location to ensure that your bags are always protected. Furthermore, we provide complimentary, unique, tamper-proof seals at our locations to keep the contents of your bags safe.

Affordable Pricing

Luggage Storage rates are as low as $5.95 per day. With attractive discounts on bulk bookings, the overall storage pricing gets even more affordable.

Insurance Coverage

Vertoe provides the best-in-class insurance for $5000. Now you can explore the city without any worries at all.

Free Cancellation

Last-minute plans change and we understand this. We offer free cancellation and a full refund if you wish to cancel the booking at any point.

Things to do in Las Vegas

Words that describe Las Vegas, in a nutshell, are Casinos, Grand Hotels, and Casino Hotels. With 24 hours of fun and entertainment options, Las Vegas never sleeps. Synchronized fountains, beautiful replicas of major cities, and grand displays are enough to attract you to the glamorous lifestyle of this Sin City. Let’s take a look at some major landmarks in Las Vegas. Leave your luggage in Las Vegas with Vertoe and make the most of your outing to these landmarks.

Fremont Street Experience: Beyond the Las Vegas Strip, Fremont Street ranks next among the best entertainment streets in the whole of Las Vegas. More casinos from an earlier era to recent times, oodles of entertainment options, one walk through this street will make an experience of a lifetime.

Bellagio Fountain Show: One must have seen the Bellagio Fountain Show in numerous movies. But watching it firsthand is a majestic experience. Take a break from gambling, and soak in the sight. Let your bags take a break with Luggage storage in Bellagio, while you enjoy your well deserved break worry-free!

MGM Grand: When evenings are engaged for scintillating events, fun-filled entertainments, exciting casino experiences, and delectable dining, lugging bags should be the last thing on your mind. Leave your bags safely with Luggage Storage Las Vegas near MGM Grand and enjoy the vast offerings of MGM Grand without worrying about your luggage.

High Roller: Step onto the High Roller located on Las Vegas Blvd and take a spin on the world's tallest Ferris Wheel. Enjoy the best views of the glitzy city from here at night.

Caesars Palace: Caesars Palace is the most popular luxury Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. A trip to Las Vegas will be incomplete if you do not try a hand at gambling in one of the casinos, and what better place to do so than at Caesars? The hotel also has many restaurants to choose from offering a range of delectable dining options. Luggage storage in Caesars Palace is the perfect spot for you to drop off your bags to get footloose and fancy-free!

Hoover Dam: Hoover Dam is on the border of Nevada and Arizona. It contains Lake Mead and is the largest water reservoir in the United States. It attracts about a million visitors every year.

Bonneville Transit Center: Bonneville is the central and most popular transit center connecting the airport, train, and bus feeder network within Las Vegas and the state of Nevada. Strategically located, it is well-connected with all transit mediums.

Checking out of your Airbnb or hotel and have time to spare before your next flight? Whether your travel is strictly for business or leisure, don't get stuck with your luggage. Opt to store them with Vertoe Luggage Storage in Las Vegas and check out famous landmarks and attractions in Las Vegas.

*We are adhering to all the safety measures during Covid-19.

Check luggage storage Las Vegas tips 2022 for all new information on your bag drop-off options in Las Vegas. 

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