Luggage Storage Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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Luggage Storage Kuala Lumpur Airport

Not only does it serves the city but it also stands as one of the major airports to enter southeast Asia. Looking at the city from tall Petronas towers, or taking a religious route to natural Batu caves, or getting your dose of scintillating nightlife at Bukit Bintang, you signed up for an amazing trip as soon as you landed at KL. But take our advice and drop your bags at a safe location to enjoy every bit of this city baggage free.

Need for Luggage Storage near Kuala Lumpur Airport

There is nothing more satisfying for the globe trotters than finding left luggage services around. Leaving the bags safely at a convenient location and exploring the place without a burden is the best way to enjoy that travel excitement. Having the freedom to pick and drop at a convenient time, storage availability on a daily and hourly basis, insurance coverage, finding a nearby and practical location of baggage storage are a few of the many advantages of these services. And if the storage space is near a transit spot, then the baggage drop becomes all the more comfortable.

Baggage storage also gives ease of picking your baggage from where you might be heading ahead for your next expedition and makes it a must-do for your travel checklist. Having said all that, go ahead in booking luggage storage spaces and leave your luggage or personal belongings behind to escape the hassle of dragging them along.

Luggage Storage options at Kuala Lumpur Airport

Luggage storage and locker facilities are available from short to long term at the KLIA. The price of storage depends on the size of the luggage and the duration of storage. The price starts from $4.7 for a small size bag to $12.5 for an extra-large bag for up to 24 hours. The counters are open 24*7 and can be located at:

  • KLIA 1, End of the arrival hall.

  • KLIA 2, Towards the right side of the international arrival luggage claim exit. 

Click here for more luggage storage options in Kuala Lumpur

Other transit spots at Kuala Lumpur with luggage storage facilities

It is advised to call these storage centers beforehand and check exact pricing and availability. Booking these storage spaces in advance will always save you from the last-minute change in plan.

Luggage Storage at Kuala Lumpur Station

Enter the city through the station but no need to drag your bags anymore. Find the nearest baggage storage center and roam around freely. 

Vertoe provides storage anywhere anytime

Convenient to book with Vertoe

Vertoe is an on-demand, short-term luggage storage service that offers multiple secure locations to store luggage. Vertoe has partnered with over 350+ local businesses, to establish safe daily or monthly luggage storage spaces for one and all. So why wait? Book a Vertoe space online and store your bags and personal belongings safely.

Vertoe gives you many reasons to go hands-free while traveling and otherwise. Be it stepping out of airport hands-free during long layovers or finding a place to drop bags during concerts or even leaving your daily work equipment at a convenient location, Vertoe caters to all your needs. Finding a space to store your bags safely is now very affordable and supremely easy with Vertoe.

Multiple locations with affordable pricing

Either opt for short-term locker rentals alternatives or daily storage, Vertoe offers you multiple luggage storage options. Our luggage storage rental starts from as low as $5.95 per day which is a very affordable deal considering absolute safety and security.

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