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Luggage Storage El Prat International Airport

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El Prat International Airport

El Prat International Airport in the city is the second-largest airport in Spain and the 7th largest airport in Europe. Having such a vast territory makes it a suitable spot for Vertoe bag drop. 

The airport is the hub of many airlines and serves over a hundred destinations. So if you are here for a layover or planning to hop around these destinations then travel light by simply leaving your bags with Vertoe Luggage Storage Barcelona.  

Need for Vertoe near the Airport

Airport calls for a great need when it comes to the bag drop. Be it long layovers or a quick visit to the city, dropping bags near the airport gives the freedom to extend plans and make great memories which otherwise are restricted with bags. Vertoe serves the same purpose and gives convenient bag space near the Airport at a cost starting as low as $5.95.

The city has tons of art and architecture and offers plenty of attractions to admire. But visiting all these beautiful landmarks and exquisite museums can get tough with a heavy load of bags. So instead of going with the old norms of dragging bags at each destination, pre-book a Vertoe space in the city and enjoy your trip hands-free. 

Leave your bags with Vertoe and avail up to 30% off on your bookings

Where can I Store my bag near the Airport with Vertoe?

Vertoe offers not one but many locations to drop bags in the city and gives the freedom to choose among these locations as per your convenience. So either visits the website or download the Vertoe iOS app to know the list of locations or get help with the nearest available Vertoe space. 

Form transit locations like the airport and Sants Station to tourist landmarks like La Sagrada Familia and Parc De Juan Miro and other, Vertoe is available to safely store bags in the city. So instead of struggling through the conventional bag drops which comes with a long list of instructions, book a Vertoe online in three simple clicks and leave your bags near the airport to enjoy the exclusivity of the city.

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Things to do near the Airport

Not a far-off location from the center of the city, the airport opens up the city delights and gives your layover a fun stint. 

  • Have a glimpse of this city by visiting La Rambla. The cozy restaurants and cafes along with the delightful performances of street artists will steal your heart in no time. and while you are at it, the mouthwatering showcase of food at  La Boqueria is no far.
  • While in the city, a beach visit is inescapable. Gava Mar beach is very close by and gives you the beach break if you are looking for one. 
  • Talking of the city and not talking about football is an injustice to its summary. Camp Nuo is not very far off to experience the stadium as well as the museum for football lovers.

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