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Luggage Storage Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Accommodating millions of passengers per year and multiple flights at various locations, Schiphol Airport acts as an epicenter for many tourist destinations. This makes it a prime location for Luggage Storage in Amsterdam.

The capital of the Netherlands is a gateway to a perfect holiday. With an elaborate canal network, beautiful houses, rich history and plenty of museums to learn from, Amsterdam’s journey can get as elaborate as you like. But to be able to touch down each aspect of this city, plan and pre-book luggage storage near Schiphol airport and enjoy the freedom of a luggage-free trip in Amsterdam. 


Need for Luggage Storage near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Being the main international airport in the Netherlands, Schiphol airport makes a gateway to this fun and electric city. With endless things to do in the city,worrying about Baggage Storage in Amsterdam should be the last thing on your mind. From strolling at Art Jordaan and admiring those art galleries, courtyard gardens, and small pubs and bars to gazing through the glorified museums like The Royal Concertgebouw and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam will keep you engaged till you want. And the only burden you need to detach within Amsterdam is your luggage to slow down your otherwise enthusiastic explorer pace. Vertoe keeps the momentum going by storing your bags in Amsterdam safe and sound.

Amsterdam’s major attraction is experiencing the canal network but heavy bags can surely make it inconvenient. Also if you have fun plans for the evening or want to make some spontaneous pub hopping, then leaving bags with a reliable source like Vertoe will manifest all these plans and help you give the best of your time without any worry.

Where can I Store my Luggage near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport with Vertoe?

Having a short-term storage space near transit spots has become a basic need during travel and Vertoe knows this fact well. And hence, Vertoe is also available near Amsterdam Centraal Luggage Storage Services so that you can make the city visit without any extra luggage. 

The complete list of locations and a nearby Vertoe space can be tracked very easily on the website or on the Vertoe iOS app. So instead of searching through unconventional luggage lockers in Amsterdam which come with a series of instructions and safety issues, book a Vertoe online and end your worries of luggage storage near Amsterdam Schiphol airport in three simple steps.

Luggage Storage near hoofdorp is 3.38 miles from Schiphol Airport and is the closest facility to store luggage.The store is open from Monday - Sunday 8:00 am - 11:00 pm.

Things to do near Schiphol Airport

  • During a short or long layover at Amsterdam airport, the first thing one must do is head out to Amsterdam Centraal. Once there, take a canal tour and have a wonderful experience of the famous waterways of Amsterdam. 
  • Stretch your legs by walking along Brouwersgracht which is one of the most picturesque canal banks. Thereafter head out to the Nine streets neighborhood for some delightful retail therapy. 
  • Within the airport premises, there are a number of good lounges and spa centers for a relaxing time. Unwind at any of these and have a great time. 
  • The duty-free shopping area at the airport is a delight for shopaholics of all kinds. Fill up your bags and have a memorable shopping experience. 
  • The restaurants and cafes at the airport cater for all tastes and palates. Bubbles Seafood and Wine Bar, Kebaya Asian Restaurant, and renowned lounges are to name a few.

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