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Your complete Guide to Luggage Storage in New York City

Your complete Guide to Luggage Storage in New York City

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  • The newest on-demand innovation is here! Luggage storage is not just an on-demand service, rather a revolutionary innovation in the field of convenience. Who doesn’t like to have safe and convenient baggage storage on the go? And Vertoe knows it well. Vertoe offers short-term storage solution to meet your hourly or daily requirements to store your bags in New York City.

    On-demand, short-term baggage storage allows you to find a nearby location to drop off your bags or personal belongings and start exploring. The perks of on-demand, daily storage is endless. Without your bags, you can skip long security lines at tourist attractions or big concerts or events. You can hop on the subway without getting death glares from everyone around you. You can drop your gym bags and head straight to a business meeting. Most importantly, you can explore and enjoy the city the way you want to without lugging your bags along! In short, you can earn baggage-free peace of mind and make the most of your time.

    With Vertoe, it is easier than ever to find safe and affordable storage options in New York City. Vertoe partners with local business owners and stores across the city so that you can easily find a baggage storage location just minutes away from where you may be. Unlike typical luggage lockers, you won’t have to wait in long lines, face exorbitant fees, or fear that your bags may be lost. Instead, Vertoe’s proven technology and credentials will keep your bags safe and sound.

    This baggage storage guide will help you locate the best storage locations near NYC tourist attractions and transit spots. This guide is specifically designed to help you with on-the-go convenience, not only with Vertoe’s storage solutions but with a compilation of other notable storage spaces as well. So read on and learn more about storage solutions with Vertoe through this storage guide!

    Luggage Storage with Vertoe in New York City

    Vertoe is an on-demand, short-term instant storage service with multiple secure locations throughout New York City. From hourly to daily storage options, Vertoe offers affordability and convenience to relieve you of baggage worries. Starting at just $5.95/day, Vertoe’s rates surpass those of competitors. With over 250 partnerships with local businesses, Vertoe has a network of safe and reliable baggage storage options in New York City. Furthermore, safety is a top priority at Vertoe, which is why we created our own unique, digitally coded, tamper-proof seal to ensure that your bags are always protected.

    As a market leader in the on-demand storage industry, Vertoe was featured in Business Insider and the New York Times for its contribution towards creating an easier lifestyle for its customers. Now, Vertoe is rapidly expanding to other major cities across the United States, with locations already in Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and many more!

    Vertoe Presence

    Vertoe has vast presence and is available at 25+ different cities with 300+ active locations. Having collaborated with local shops and businesses, Vertoe has storage spaces at all major landmarks and high-transit areas in NYC.

    Vertoe’s Top Features


    We at Vertoe take safety very seriously. We carefully vet each of our store locations comprehensively to ensure that your bags are always protected. Furthermore, we provide complimentary, unique, tamper-proof seals at our locations to keep the contents of your bags safe.


    All of your items are insured up to $5000—the highest amount offered by any storage provider! Now you can explore the city without any worries at all.

    Booking Online

    Booking a storage location has never been easier! Simply find a location, enter in a time and date, and BOOK! With Vertoe you can find a storage location within 5 minutes of where you may be.

    Pricing and Discounts

    Storage rates start at $5.95 per day. Weekly bookings will receive a 15% discount for the whole booking. Monthly bookings will earn 30% off the final total. With this kind of affordability, you won’t have to worry at all about lugging your bags around the city.

    Customer Service

    We provide 24/7 customer service—feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or suggestions anytime at

    How to Book

    Booking with Vertoe is a breeze and requires a few simple steps! Enter in an address, date, and time to find various Vertoe storage options near you. Then, just drop off your bags at the location and lock them with a free, unique, tamper-proof seal provided at the location. You can come back to the location at any time to pick up your bags! Learn more about the booking process here!


    Alternative Storage Options in New York City

    Baggage Storage Centers

    Schwartz Storage: Schwartz offers 24/7 storage near Penn Station and Times Square. Schwartz offers rates at a maximum of $10 per day and an additional $8 for every extra day.

    • Location at 357 West 37th St. Ground Floor: near Penn Station
    • Location at 34 West 46th Street, 4th Floor: near Times Square

    City CoPilot: City Copilot rates start at $10 per item and an additional minimum $39 for the pickup and delivery service of your luggage. They are open every day from 9 am to 7 pm and are located at:

    • 777 8th Ave: near Times Square
    • 332 Hooper Street: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
    • 166 Allen Street: Lower East Side

    Luggage Keeper: Luggage Keeper offers one location within walking distance of Penn Station, Times Square, and Port Authority Bus Terminal. They have a flat rate of $10 per large bag and $7 per small bag.

    • Location at 357 W 36th St. 2nd Floor

    CBH Storage: CBH also offers one location within walking distance of Penn Station, Times Square, and Port Authority Bus Terminal. Regular bags cost between $8 and $10 per day and oversized bags cost between $15 and $19 per day.

    • Location at 31 West 46th Street

    Storage near Transit Spots

    Amtrak Baggage Services: Although Penn Station and Grand Central do not offer their own lockers for storing bags, you can always find Amtrak Baggage Services at a train station to temporarily store your luggage. Amtrak customers with tickets may store their luggage for a maximum of 24 hours for $10 per item. Non-Amtrak customers can store their luggage at Penn Station or Grand Central for $20 per item.

    JFK Airport: You can also find baggage storage services at JFK Airport. Storage near Terminal 4 offers 24-hour service with rates varying from $4-$16 per day. Terminal 1 offers the same rates from 7 am to 11 pm.

    Newark Airport: Baggage storage at Newark Airport is open from 8 am to 1 am. Luggage locker rates start at $16 for bags over 60lbs and $10 for bags under 60lbs. Call (908)-933-0503 for more information.

    Residences and Hotels

    Hotels and AirBnbs: You may be able to store your bags in your hotel or Airbnb before your check-in time for a small fee. Although this varies with the hotel, it may be worth it to ask!

    Luggage Storage is your ultimate need

    Whether you’re a tourist or a local, we can all agree that New York City is best enjoyed luggage-free. Instant storage will let you conveniently store your bags around the city so that you can explore the sights of NYC the way you want.

    Vertoe is both instant and cost effective as the pricing starts as low as $5.95 per item throughout the city. Our proven technology will keep your bags safe while you enjoy a day of hassle-free fun! Vertoe’s service is more convenient and affordable than typical luggage lockers in New York City. Whether you’re looking for hourly or daily storage, Vertoe has deals that will help you save your money so that you can spend it on the extravagances of NYC.

    Make sure to check out our NYC City Guide for tips on what to see, where to eat, and more!

    If you want more on what to do in New York City check out our blog post, Top Selfie Spots in NYC, or just scroll through our company blog!

    Going somewhere else? We’ve got you covered! Check out our storage guides for Chicago, Boston, Miami and more.

Swati Sharma

Vertoe is an on-demand, short-term luggage storage service that offers 300+ secure locations to store personal items citywide across 20 major cities in the US. Whether you are looking for short-term locker rentals alternatives, daily space or even hourly storage space, Vertoe services are a quantum leap from conventional luggage storage. With rates starting at a minimum of $5.95 per day coupled with the best in industry insurance of $5000, you can secure your bags affordably with a peace of mind. Vertoe’s unique and digitally coded tempered proof seal makes it a safer and convenient alternative to any conventional locker storage.

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