At Vertoe, we are overwhelmed with love from our well-wishers from around the world and enjoy sharing their experiences of touring New York City. Simple and sweet or completely off-beat, we bring to you, exclusive tales from the Vertoe Travelers’ Vault, and this one comes from Andrea, a student from Austin.

“A few friends and I decided to visit another friend in NYC, over Thanksgiving, on a whim. In about 2 hours, plans were made, flights were booked and our bags were packed to go! We left for NYC on the morning of Thanksgiving and got to Brooklyn (where the friend lives), to find the friend really flustered about a family member having had a nasty fall. As these things go sometimes, she had to rush to Seattle to take care of the situation and we had to quickly find a place to kip for the next few days.

Being in NYC on a student’s budget, over Thanksgiving, we managed to finally find something suitable, but over in Queens, and we couldn’t check in before 4pm that day and we obviously did not want to miss the iconic Thanksgiving Parade for which all these plans were made! Thanksgiving Parade starts from Upper West Side and finishes at Macy’s in Midtown. So basically given our situation this was going to prove very difficult and it only meant that we would have to carry around our bags and watch the parade from some corner (which I wasn’t sure was possible at all!)

As we stood debating on what to do, my friend Jim was looking for luggage storage locations online and found Vertoe at the top of the list. And sure enough, they had a convenient location near Penn Station which was perfect for us as it meant , we could keep our bags in a nearby location, watch the parade, click photos and pay just $5.95 per piece of luggage for the day!

So after a short subway ride later, we managed to safely stow our bags at the Vertoe location and we were able to continue our itinerary absolutely stress-free. We had the best time watching the gigantic balloons, live music and awesome NYC pizza slice! We came back, took our bags (even though it was late!) and headed back to Queens!

It was a good, adventurous day and a big thank you to Vertoe for coming to our rescue!”

Submitted by Andrea