Short-Term Storage for Short-Term Travel

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Thoughts and Insights | 0 comments

  • The tourism industry is growing steadily, aided by companies that offer solutions to the many problems that tourists may face.

    The lack of cheap, convenient short-term lodging inspired Airbnb to create an online market for renters and tenants. An absence of easily accessible transportation for travelers without their own cars was answered by now tech giant, Uber.

    Now, short-term storage company, Vertoe, has made it even easier for travelers to explore new cities without fear of losing their luggage.

    Short-term storage allows people to deposit their baggage in a safe place, for a short amount of time, usually the amount of time between check-out from a hotel to check-in at the airport. This convenience allows travelers to spend more time adventuring with their families, rather than burdened down at the airport waiting to sign in their luggage. By partnering up with shop owners that may have a little extra space in their establishments, short term storage companies are able to provide travelers with easily accessible places to put their luggage.

    This is Vertoe’s mission. By partnering up short-term travelers with shopkeepers who may have some extra space, Vertoe provides its consumers with space to store their luggage for merely $6/hour per item. Vacationers can then go on to enjoy more of the city until they are ready to pick up their luggage and go home. Their website allows tourists to find a Vertoe location closest to their own where they can safely and easily deposit their items. Much like Airbnb and Uber, the Vertoe website is designed based on consumer comfort and accessibility, allowing each individual to choose which location may fit them best.

    Short-term storage is perhaps the newest in many innovations designed to make the consumer experience, especially in the tourism industry, more enjoyable. By taking advantage of an ever-growing industry, short-term storage companies, such as Vertoe, have the potential to expand while giving consumers the incentive to travel more frequently.