Luggage storage near Penn Station is quintessential. Pennsylvania Station, as it is officially known is a bustling transit hub, serving more than 600,000 commuter rail and Amtrak passengers a day, it is the busiest passenger transportation facility in the Western Hemisphere.

Have you ever experienced inconvenience when handling your luggage while traveling in and around NYC? Have you ever been stranded with multiple bags with no idea where to place them for a quick breather in this ever-bustling city? We have all been through this and hence this very situation calls for a luggage storage facility in order for you to be able to drop your bags temporarily and continue with your touristy activities or routine without lugging bags in tow.

Find out why you should prioritize Penn Station luggage storage services in this blog.

 What are some of the bag drop off options available in and around Penn Station?

Penn Station is one of the busiest rail hubs in the world, currently serving more than 650,000 passengers each day. Imagine pulling your overstuffed suitcase within the crowded station premises from one to the other or carrying heavy bags while trying to enjoy other spectacular sites that NYC has to offer. None of these seem like an enjoyable experience. Now, picture the same scenario but without having to drag heavy suitcases. Splendid, isn’t it?

You are bound to have planned an itinerary in NYC that is fit to burst, so what should you do with your luggage if you are hopping from place to place? Why not leave your bags with a fellow traveler at the train station, in the trunk of a rental car, or at a hotel? All these seem like viable ideas, but they have one major flaw: security. The person at the train station might be an opportunistic criminal, and it is not advisable to move around a foreign city with all your bags in the car boot. Anything can happen, from robbery to loss. And although hotels sound like an excellent idea, they are limited on the actual security they can allot to your suitcases and bags. There is still the possibility of unscrupulous employees. Plus, you are limited on the actions you can take in case of damage or loss.

There are a few other options available like luggage lockers or left luggage storage. However, these come with a few drawbacks as well. Small and medium lockers hold day rucksacks or medium sized rucksacks/weekend cases. The large lockers are big enough to hold a decent sized suitcase or large backpack. However, you must remember to take care of your luggage locker key as you can land in big trouble if you happen to lose it. Along with this these luggage lockers can be quite expensive and may not be always available as an on-the-spot salvage.

A luggage storage service is the answer to all your luggage related misery. However, finding the right luggage storage near Penn Station NYC becomes all the more important in order to avoid further inconveniences that crop up with choosing an incompatible one.


What to consider while looking for Luggage Storage Services in Penn Station?

Luggage storage services came to be as a response to travelers who often find themselves with time to kill during their journey and scout for safekeeping facilities to let go of their bags for the time being. A few key factors that need to be considered before you scout for that perfect luggage storage location are listed below:

  • Location – Easy accessibility is predominant while searching for a great luggage storage facility. The location should be someplace you can easily access from wherever you are in the town.
  • Security Guarantee – You must ensure that the luggage storage facility you are entrusting your luggage to is capable enough to take good care of your items. Settle for a luggage storage company that offers insurance; this way, you won’t have to suffer serious consequences for losing your luggage.
  • Price Charged – Like every other service, luggage storage is also done for a fee. You must look for a luggage storage company that offers its services at affordable prices.
  • Cancellation terms and conditions – In addition to planning to overcome the problem of how to store luggage when you are traveling, you should also review the cancellation terms and conditions. There can always be changes in your plan due to any unexpected reason. You should not end up having to pay extra for the service that you never utilized.

The next time you are traveling from one city to another in pursuit of prospective clients or you happen to have a long layover, consider using the services of a reliable luggage storage facility. Luggage storage NYC Penn Station is just what the doctor ordered while keeping in mind all the above-mentioned criteria on your checklist.


Luggage Storage Services in Penn Station

Penn Station was heralded as a celebration of transportation and a gift to New York City. Record ridership and more frequently canceled trains have combined to create severe crowding issues at Penn Station and making it a nightmare to transit and traverse through the station with heavy suitcases in tow. 

This is precisely why Vertoe’s Penn Station luggage storage service becomes the perfect solution for travelers and commuters to be able to carry on and do whatever they want to do without being burdened by additional baggage. 

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Vertoe’s competent Luggage Storage Services in Penn Station

Vertoe, a world leader in the instant luggage storage sphere is where you should be heading to when it comes to the perfect spot to stash your belongings. With a vast presence of over 1000+ conveniently placed locations across 65 + cities, you are left with the only task of lugging your bags to any one of Vertoe’s verified locations.

With an affordable price point of $5.95 per day and an insurance sum of $5000 is just what is needed to give you that extra peace of mind. With an array of luggage storage locations available closer to major landmarks that are at a stone’s throw away from Penn Station like Empire State Building ,The Highline & Times Square you can now let your hands and bags take a break from each other.

Vertoe readily accommodates the needs of daily storage as well as short-term storage, be it storing your bags for a couple of hours or for a few days and letting you pick them up later. With uniquely coded tamper proof seals ensuring the security of your bags, you only have to focus on making only memories to last a lifetime in ‘the big apple’. Check luggage storage Penn Station tips 2022 for all new information on your bag drop-off options in Penn Station.