According to Denver metro ranks among the worst cities for package theft in 2023. That ranking comes from SafeWise’s 6th Annual Package Theft Report, which found thieves stole an estimated 119 million packages nationwide over the past year — a 5% increase from the year prior. mentions an increase in package theft in Denver while arrests drop. Denver Police said it’s due to a manpower problem, and that it’s a low-priority crime. They said the key is not leaving packages out in the open.

With there being rampant instances of porch piracy in Denver, proactive measures like installing security cameras unfortunately are not enough to secure your packages from porch pirates. With three out of four people surveyed by SafeWise saying they had a package stolen from their house over the past year, roughly 40% of respondents said they had more than one taken.


Best ways to prevent package thefts and missed deliveries

As good as it sounds, online deliveries also come with a few risks and downsides. There are chances of package theft, missed deliveries, and stolen packages. If your packages make it to your doorstep, porch pirates take off with parcels left unattended from right under your nose.

Prevention is always better and with a few simple steps and some careful planning, you can always keep your parcels safe and from harm. A few proactive measures are:

  • Order Tracking – Order tracking enables you to take immediate action in terms of either rescheduling a delivery or alerting local authorities.
  • Delivery Notifications – can be helpful in getting to know the exact whereabouts of your online parcels in order to ensure that it arrives safely at your preferred destination.
  • Package lockers – are safe options to have your parcels delivered to where packages can be left securely for collection by carriers and delivery agents.
  • In-store pick up options – are also an effective means where you order items online and have them shipped to a retail store to be picked up by you.

Nevertheless, the above-mentioned proactive measures come with their own set of pros and cons. It cannot be assured that adhering to these measures can guarantee against package mishaps nor can they be considered as feasible options for everyone in general. For instance, making use of package storage lockers, parcel lockers, and in-store pick up may not be something that works for all.

Utilizing Stowfly ,which includes a vast network of package receiving and package acceptance services is an easy, convenient way to get packages delivered to a location near you.


How do package receiving and package acceptance services work?

Package receiving and package acceptance services act as your secondary address to receive packages on your behalf. These package storage locations can be anywhere from a coffee shop in your neighborhood or even a convenience store from where you can always pick your packages whenever you wish to.

Package receiving services in Denver can help you avoid any further instances related to Amazon missing packages, Fedex lost packages, USPS Stolen packages, and UPS missed deliveries as well. With affordable rentals that start at $4 for one-time delivery along with a $ 1,000 insurance policy per package it is worth opting for package acceptance services to safeguard your precious parcels.

You only have to find a location that works best for you in terms of hours of operation and the distance that is closer to you from your home or office and begin receiving your packages there, and so it’s a simple and easy booking process. Location partners at a Stowfly package receiving location are trained to not handover your parcels to anyone except for those who can show them the unique pick-up PIN that is generated for you once your packages are received at our verified location. 

With so many benefits of utilizing package acceptance services, it is high time that you put an end to all your package delivery woes in Denver for good.

Find out how to tackle package delivery issues in Denver with package receiving and package acceptance services in this blog with Stowfly.