Need short term storage during Airbnb check out?

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Thoughts and Insights | 0 comments

  • Travel or vacation is one of the most awaited reward for all the hard work we do in our daily lives. However, it is surely associated with a lot of concerns like stay, budget, luggage etc.. A lot of businesses are leveraging the shared economy model, among which Airbnb is one of the most popular ones. Airbnb offers a very innovative and affordable solution to many of our travel issues. It provides an alternative to expensive hotels and offers unique and interesting places to rent from local hosts. It comes with the flexibility of booking for short term or long term or even renting out for a few months. Besides being affordable, Airbnb provides an option of having your own (often more affordable) kitchen space, giving a homely experience in a foreign place. This is actually preferred by a lot of tourists.

    While Airbnb offers exciting services, there are not many companies that offer services catering to luggage problems. So what do you do with your luggage when you are between Airbnb bookings (i.e., have a non-overlapping check-in/check-out time between Airbnb bookings)? Or what do you do when your flight is scheduled to land much earlier than your Airbnb check-in time. Travelers often face these dilemmas, and unfortunately end up carrying luggage with them till their scheduled check-in time. In fact, many travelers sometimes end up booking an extra night just to have a luggage free day.

    Dragging bags and bumping into people in crowded places with tired muscles can potentially turn an otherwise beautiful travel experience into a painful and frustrating one. Vertoe, a luggage storage facility comes to the rescue here because it understands how much effort it takes to plan a travel, and how desperately one tries to relish every second of it. Vertoe is trying to solve the luggage problems by offering affordable and safe luggage storage and check in facilities at prominent and convenient locations in New York.

    Source: Vertoe website