As someone who is traveling to a new city or a destination, there are chances that you have extra time to explore a place for a few hours, but you are stuck with heavy bags that leave little chance for anything. 

You could have arrived at your destination early and might want to leave your bags with your reserved accommodation before check-in, but that isn’t always an available option. Layovers either at a bus station, train station, or airports also leave you looking for storage options in transit locations, more so when you have to interchange from one mode of transport to another.

Let’s say you have plans to visit the commercially driven, famously congested, and most attractive urban center in the country, which is New York City. Typically, a trip to NYC is incomplete without visiting Times Square, Empire State Building, and Statue of Liberty. Isn’t it always better and easier to explore this bustling city without having to lug all of your stuff around? 

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Generally speaking, there are a few ways to store luggage:

  • Luggage lockers – are available in most transit hubs like train stations and airports. You can choose a luggage locker and leave your belongings there. However, it must be noted that only a few US airports offer storage options these days and many have limited hours.
  • Luggage rooms – This form of luggage storage involves your bags being tagged and kept in secure storage with a dedicated person involved and an ID is used to check your luggage in. The only drawback is that it is quite heavy on the pocket and isn’t a flexible option.
  • Self-storage luggage rooms– This form of storage lets you store your belongings in a room with other people’s luggage. However, this is not a cheap and secure option either.
  • Other means of storage like hotel or Airbnb– You can always ask the hotel concierge or the Airbnb host (where you have an accommodation booked) to hold on to your stuff for a while, either before check-in or after check-out. This option also depends upon the host agreeing to keep your bags.

As mentioned, the above set of storage means do have their own set of shortcomings also which again leaves you in a spot of having to find bag storage sources that fits your bill. Struggling to haul your suitcase up and down in the hustle and bustle of NYC is not something that will be enjoyable and memorable for you. 

Making use of luggage storage services by Vertoe, known as the world’s leading short term storage provider, where you can easily store your bags and other personal items for minimal rentals is something that you need to consider.

Dropping your bags with a safe and secure storage facility like Vertoe comes with its own benefits, for instance, your bags are secured with uniquely coded tamper-resistant seals once they are deposited at a Vertoe bag storage location. Along with this an insurance sum of $5000 is also offered with every booking.

Rentals starting at $5.95/day/item with a simple and easy booking process through our secured booking system is all which is in place is another advantage. Luggage storage in NYC is located closer to all major tourist attractions and landmarks like Central Park, Downtown Manhattan, The Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn, Rockefeller Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, The National September 11 Memorial Museum, Top of the Rock and One World Observatory

Major transportation hotspots in NYC like Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station and Port Authority along with Newark Airport, LaGuardia Airport and JFK Airport too have ample bag store locations easily accessible and available.

Bag storage services in NYC are not just open for travelers alone. You could either be a localite, student , businessman or anyone looking for alternatives, daily space or even hourly storage space and Vertoe readily accommodates the same.

A triumphant tale of travel is all about a hands-free experience where you can explore a given destination with a peace of mind knowing that your suitcases are left behind in a safe in a secure environment. Make use of Vertoe bag store in NYC and completely unleash the hidden explorer in you by going bags-free!

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