9 Amazingly Delicious Restaurants at Lax Airport that will make your day

Oct 2, 2019 | Interesting Reads

It was until now that travelers would find a reason to escape out of LAX. In came the renovations and LAX has suddenly turned into a mecca for food lovers. Now the new struggle is to being spoilt for choice of amazing restaurants.  So here we are, to help you find your favorite fine dine to subdue those hunger pangs. There is not one but 9 amazingly delectable restaurants at LAX airport that will make your day.

Be it a long layover where you will be hopping flights and looking for quality time nibbling new tastes or the holiday has just started with an early visit to the airport to avoid last-minute hiccups, LAX now has expertise in giving you your comfort food in varying tastes and forms.

Place your luggage aside before diving into divine food

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Now that your luggage is sorted, let’s find out the best options to satiate your palate at LAX airport.

9 best restaurant options available at LAX airport.

Although the options are plenty, here is the list of our all-time favorite dine-in places at LAX with different cuisines to make the most out of your airport stay.

Terjo’s Tacos

Image Source: urwairports.com

Indulge in the outburst of Mexican flavors. If tacos, burritos, quesadillas are what you are craving for, then Trejo’s is just the right place for you. Trejo’s offers a combination of meat, vegan as well as vegetarian specialties in an art-filled and colorful fashion to not only satisfy your tastebuds but also excite the senses.

  • Trejo’s Tacos can be found at Terminal 1 at the departure area.

Cassell’s Hamburgers

Image Source: urwairports.com

Absolute comfort food is served at Cassell’s Hamburgers. From getting a classic cheeseburger to patty melt hamburgers to simple grilled ham and cheese, Cassells’s have made a reputation of a crown jewel for a reason. Local food critic favorite, this restaurant will take no time in becoming your airport staple.

  • Cassell’s Hamburgers can be found at Terminal 1 of the departure area.

Chaya Sushi

Image Source: urwairports.com

A paradise for Asian cuisine lovers, Chaya offers the Japanese culinary tradition packed in the form of delectable Sushi. Some pre-prepared Dragon rolls, Omakase, and Chirashi Don are few of the featured specialties at Chaya. Don’t miss to pair your dish with a cold glass of Sake.

  • Chaya is located at the Great Hall of Tom Bradley International Terminal.

800 Degrees

Image Source: urwairports.com

Talking of multi-cuisine restaurants and not talking of Pizza will leave the list incomplete. 800 degrees serves you freshly baked Neapolitan-style pizza in the wood oven. Create your own personalized masterpiece by topping it with fresh produce and your favorite sauces. Choose among the Classic Margarita to Pepperoni pizza to spicy Sausages and Peppers pizza, 800 degrees will lave you spoilt for choices.

  • 800 Degree Pizza is located at Dining Terrace of the Tom Bradley International Terminal.


Image Source: urwairports.com

Dive into the beachy affair at Slapfish and taste the lip-smacking modern style seafood here. The fresh and healthy options here are best before your flight takes off. So either munch the famous fish and chips or grab a big bite of lobster sandwich or take a dip into an ultimate fish taco, Slapfish will leave your with tantalizing flavors on your tongue. Don’t miss out on sipping drinks at the comfort zone of their bar.

  • Slapfish can be located at the departure area of Terminal 2.

Barney’s Beanery

Image Source: urwairports.com

Talking of classics, Barney’s tops the chart at LAX airport. Gastropub with America’s favorite meals is a match made in heaven. It’s tough to make choices between Avocado sandwich, classic cob salad, burgers, tacos, and chili, however, relaxing long hours in this rodeo decor might give you the taste of all.

  • Find Barney’s Beanery on the departure side of Terminal 2.

Sea Legs

Image Source: urwairports.com

Attracting with a futuristic beachside interior, Sealegs makes a perfect drinking spot to let loose the hustle right before catching a flight. Salads, sliders, sandwiches, and Tacos make a perfect pair next to your favorite drink in this open layout wine bar.

  • Sealegs is located at the Departure side of Terminal 2.


Image Source: urwairports.com

From club sandwich to Cuban sandwich to spicy tune to barbeque pork rings, Ink Sack offers a highly customized platter to its visitors. A gourmet experience at an affordable price makes it an overall delightful experience.

  • Reach out to Ink.Sack at Great Hall of Tom Bradley International Terminal.

The Kitchen By Wolfgang Puck

Image Source: urwairports.com

If fine dining Michelin style experience is what you desire at LAX, then The Kitchen is here to impress. Every single cuisine is made to order and is crafted by world celebrated chefs to tantalize your palate. Enjoy the appetizing meals in the suave seating and forget that you are at an airport. Not literally!

  • The Kitchen can be found on the departure side of Terminal 6.

With this delish and flavorsome list of restaurants, halts at LAX will become a pleasant experience. Just book luggage storage near LAX with any of the Vertoe locations and pamper yourself with scrumptious food and drinks without bothering about your bags.