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Travel with heavy suitcase? Here are the Lightweight luggage for international travel.

8 Best Travel Suitcase for International Travel

Come international travel planning and meet the biggest hurdle, packing bags. Not everyone calls themselves pro packers considering the calculations it involves especially when you are considering an abroad trip. Clothes, gadgets, shoes, toiletries itself build-up enough load to even think of adding any additional fantasy. But thanks to frequent travelers, not only do we have hacks to carry almost everything, and still have a bearable baggage weight. And this key to success is your lightweight luggage for international travel.

Swim into the pool of choices

So as we start planning and start putting the list of items we can’t do without, a truckload of items looks sheepishly to take them along. So the easiest way to forgo any compromise and pack like a pro is to know your baggage type. Depending on the type of travel, there are many categories available to meet millennials need. So here is the list of some best lightweight luggage for your international travel that are near mandatory by their utility. 

8 Best Travel Suitcase for International Travel

– Softside Spinner Luggage Suitcase

Multiple pockets, 4 wheels with full spin and feather-like weight. This qualifies as the best suitcase for international travel. Not only does the section fit your essentials items but spin gives the easy maneuvering while changing lanes and airports. The soft polyester fabric helps to keep any extra weight off these bags resulting in them being featherweight and movable.

– Theft Backpack

Cameras, phones, laptops, wallets, passports are few of the many essentials we just can’t afford to lose in any kind of traveling. So entering into uncharted territories can inevitably bring on some apprehensions. Theft backpacks are made to rest these worries and travel with complete safety. These backpacks come with multiple pockets and huge compartments with the hidden openings to avoid any theft through them.

– Expandable Rollaboard

Expandables are best for last-minute travel plans or for those who like to travel with a bit extra. These bags come with expandable space to add those extra bits at the last minute or which are just trying to squeeze in because you can’t make up mind to let them go. 

– Wheeled Duffel Bag

Travel duffels are an absolute delight. Feather like weight, soft edges and rolling wheels feels like a complete package in itself. They serve the purpose of a duffle carry on bags but with wheels, resulting in the mobility rhyming with comfort. 

8 Best Travel Suitcase for International Travel

– Air Ultralight Cabin Multiwheel Suitcase

Last but the most loved, adding the grace of every traveler Instagram feed, this suitcase makes for an ultimate packing gear. There are robust and ultra light suitcases which are master in regaining the shape even if compressed by any pressure. To sum it up, the trick to a wise traveler is to take along all you need and yet don’t feel it tying down your exploration.  

Still, want to stick to your own bags? No worries

But if you are still not convinced and want to have your own suitcase just because you are used to it, then don’t sweat over it. Vertoe gives you an instant baggage storage service which is a combination of all of the above. Just leave your bags at one of the Vertoe locations and enjoy hands-free movement in the city, carefree travel and a tension-free time. 300+ locations in more than 25 cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco etc, can easily be located through the mobile-optimized website and with insurance coverage of $5000, you can rest assured that your bags are in safe hands. 

Lugging bags or cutting through your travel list a foregone story. Travel plans are getting smarter and so are the travel gears and services. With these plethoras of options, choose your way of traveling light and make the most out of your travel plans.