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If there ever was a city which is a living testament of American history, it is right here in Boston. The city can be called one giant museum that takes you down the memory lane of history. Beyond the historical significance, the city is path-breaking and culturally defining where museums, art, music, orchestra, libraries, and theatre have thrived through centuries. 

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Its cobblestone streets offer a lot of adventure and to make the most of it, lugging baggage should be the last thing on your mind. Using the convenience of a baggage storage service would allow you to explore without worries and have the best time relishing the trails and adventure of Boston. Meet vertoe, your one-stop solution for luggage storage in Boston that provides the best in class safety at affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Instead of struggling and wondering where to store luggage in Boston, make an instant online booking and leave your bags in safe hands before you start the thrill of these 7 adventurous things to do in Boston. 

The Freedom Trail

7 Adventurous Things in Boston

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Think of the most iconic places of Boston and there is only one thing that comes in mind, The Freedom Trail. The trail is one of its kind collections of historical markers such as parks, museums, a ship, burying grounds, meeting houses, churches and more; that symbolizes the birth of a nation through its revolution. This 2.5-mile cobblestone path through downtown Boston provides an excellent opportunity for an adventure with a historic experience. Guides dressed in the 18th century leads teams that helps build camaraderie, team spirit and esprit de corps. 

The Harbour Islands

7 Adventurous Things in Boston

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What could be better than having a camping experience amidst the background of the city’s skyline? Well, that’s what the Harbour Islands offer. Simply take a ferry of Bumpkin, Lovells, Peddocks or Grape island among the harbor islands and get on with setting up your tent. With grills and picnic tables abound and hiking trails around the corner, this is a perfect weekend getaway. Between all the fun and frolic, look out for baggage or rather leave is safely at a nearby Vertoe storage.  

Fishing at Jamaica Pond

7 Adventurous Things in Boston

There are few better family outings than a fishing trip and the Jamaican pond at Boston offers all the thrills of catching one live. Set up the hook, line, and sinker and you could be taking one of the many trouts and salmons home.  

Kayaking through Charles river

7 Adventurous Things in Boston

Rowing your boat through the gentle stream of Charles river is a soothing experience to recharge your batteries amidst the settings of nature. There are group booking options to rowing individually, and you can have all the rowing fun alone or with family. And don’t worry about toppling the boat. 

Whale Watching

It’s time to gain your sea legs to experience the adrenaline rush of witnessing a humpback whale breaking the sea surface. The three-hour ride could feel a bit of stretch but the wait is totally worth it. Almost near the tip of Cape Cod, lies numerous opportunities to witness the lovely sights of minke, finback and humpback whales. 

Soaring through the Sky – Chopper Ride

Taing a downtown helicopter ride is on the bucket list of most travelers. And if it’s combined with witnessing the glorious sights of Boston skyline, famous monuments or even a ride up to the North Shore,  there is no better way to soak up the Boston experience. There are many companies offering such rides including flying lessons. 

Retail Therapy – Faneuil Hall Marketplace 

7 Adventurous Things in Boston

As far as adventures go, shopping provides quite the thrills. Opened in 1743, Faneuil Hall is witness to many historic speeches of the revolution and is one of the most visited spots not just in Boston but in all of America. The Cradle of Liberty is surrounded by famous markets such as Quincy’s and provides a wholesome touristy experience. Through the din of tourist rush, add on new souvenirs to your empty kitty.

Learning History with Fun

To sum it up, traveling through Boston isn’t just about living the history of American freedom, but a lot more. Even while relishing the history, there is an adventure around the corner for all thrill-seekers. And while you are at it, be safe and have a memorable experience. As far as baggage worries go, keep them afar by using the services of Vertoe, which provides convenient bag storage at Boston anywhere, anytime.   


The adventure has its own thrill and as you sign for it, taking adequate safety measures becomes main responsibility. Do not compromise on your tools and gadgets and always follow the given safety instructions. Be absolutely rest assured before diving into the adventure of your lifetime.