5 tips to make most out of your Bleisure Travel

Let us begin by asking, are you content with your business travel? As much we knew that the show of hands would be far and few, we are still exploring if there is an exception. And why not; odd travel hours, long layovers, boredoms of hotels, monotony in food and hectic business hours take away all the sheen from what you thought is your dream job. But take it from experts, there are many ways to make most of your Business travel. We said experts because that’s our business 😉

In comes, Bleisure travel. In reality an acronym for combining business with leisure but call it a rescue ranger for so-called “Cliche Business Trips”. This isn’t old wine in a new bottle like taking partner/family along on a business trip, Bleisure has given business travel a whole new avatar. As the line between business and travel is getting blurred by the day, the taboo to have a good time while on Bleisure travel is fading away. Instead, new age Millennials are pushing through it to get uber productivity and cent percent job satisfaction. And though there are many ways to make most of your Bleisure travel, these top 5 tips will guide you to fight that business travel fatigue in no time.

1) Start Simple.

For starters, add that weekend. Yes, it’s that easy! Once you know the business itinerary, make some time for the added fun. So next time while you dress up in a business suit, tuck in your best holiday gear in that suitcase because hey, your weekends just turned awesome on a Bliesure trip.

2) Have some company.

Get the family going along for some business trips. Because why not? Instead of just sitting aloof on a silent dinner table, have a company that you actually enjoy. Having a wonderful time together while on business is definitely a top family goal. All you need to do is rhyme the family holidays together and relish the bliss thereafter.

3) Take that help

A bit of planning always helps, but if you can get professionals doing it for you, don’t think twice. While you can spend all grey matter in churning the data for your next meeting, a rewarding travel plan will be at your doorstep in no time. These professionals will make the most suited itinerary so that after all that travel and busy meetings the only task left is soaking up in that Bleisure fun.

4) Break the monotony

Next, you must know is how to wisely exploit your Bleisure trip. Get a selfie if the famous landmark of the city or how about a food tour with locals? As time is of premium, get away from the beaten track. Explore the culture, culinary and historical offerings of the destination rather than ordering room service on our Bleisure trips. This will let you save time and make memories of a different kind. More importantly, with this, almost every business venue will qualify for a vacation. So break the cliches and let the party begin.

5) Store extra baggage

Another thing that can make the best out of your Bliesure trip is taking the last flight out. No, we are not asking you to wait up at the airport after early checkouts. Simply drop your baggage hassles with instant luggage storage spaces and roam around carefree. How? Leave that on us! Instead of unraveling a perfectly drawn travel plan with baggage hassles, drop them safely with Vertoe with easy and instant online bookings. Always aptly located near major landmarks of 20+ cities, Vertoe guards your belongings with comprehensive safety procedures and even provides insurance coverage of $5000 for that extra peace of mind. So that you look forward to your early checkouts and long layover 😀

Don’t wait up and go for these awesome Bleisure travel tips to make the most out of your business travel. It’s time to end the excuses for not taking those holidays, and rather volunteer for amazing Bleisure trips with these hacks.

Image source: pexels.com