3 reason on how Short Term Storage is Contributing to Smarter Living in Big Cities!

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  • Today, the world lacks a solution where you can store your belongings for a few hours or days. Traditional self storage needs to lock you into lengthy and expensive contracts and access is not instant. By using unused space in cities (retail, etc), for the first time ever, Vertoe is able to deliver a solution where you can conveniently book and access safe storage space within minutes for less than $6/day.

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    Have you ever found yourself stuck in any of these problems?

    1. Lugging around your bags before checking in or after checking out?

    Problem: You’ve just arrived in New York City, you’re excited to explore the city, but you can’t check in to your Airbnb for another 6 hours. Or you’re checking out of your hotel or Airbnb and want to explore the beautiful New York on your last day before catching a flight.

    So what do you do?

    • Sit in a coffee shop and watch your suitcase?
    • Roll your carry on through The Met?
    • Take your suitcase on a walk through Central Park?
    • Carry your heavy bag to the 800-ft high Top of The Rock?
    • Squeeze your suitcase in the famously crowded subway and through the busyness of Times Square?

    Not just that, even during a transit layover between flights, the solutions you have are either to lug around your bags or sit and wait for your next flight. If you have longer hours, you would perhaps want to explore the city and end up booking an expensive hotel or Airbnb. Wouldn’t it be awesome to save that extra cash — let alone the frustration!

    2. Painful lugging of professional equipment as a city dweller?

    Problem: You are a professional masseuse or a photographer with heavy equipments that you need for your profession but you have to lug that everyday to work specially if you live in the city and use public transport. This is a common pain-point for many such professionals!

    Now you can access multiple locations on their platform and start storing for less than $6/day. There are several discounts offered for weekly and monthly storage needs!

    3. Lack of access into sports stadiums due to your large bags?

    Problem: You favorite team is playing at Madison Square Garden or at Yankees stadium and you go there after work only to realize that your backpack won’t be allowed inside the stadium or you have traveled from another city to watch the game and have nowhere to store your bags for a few hours.

    Imagine if you knew you could simply walk a few blocks from the stadium and store your bags for a few hours and enjoy your game hassle free.


    Think Airbnb for your bags/personal items! Vertoe connects you with local shops or businesses that have unused space and can securely store your bags for a couple hours, or even a couple days or weeks!

    Vertoe — a short term luggage storage provider with 90+ locations across New York City. Book instantly online through a mobile optimized website with transparent cashless payments and a guarantee of $5000 on your luggage. Vertoe is the most affordable service starting at $5.95/day!

    Their mobile optimized web-app technology lets you book a Vertoe with one click checkout and you don’t even have to download an app!

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