25 Most Instagrammable Places in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is the beautiful Dutch capital of the Netherlands. The city is brimming with so many things to do, activities to keep you busy, and make sure you have the most awesome, incredible experiences here. The city is a beautiful mix of incredible history and fabulous architecture. With so many top sights to see, you will surely find plentiful instagrammable places in Amsterdam. From the most popular sights and best locations like  Europe’s Highest Swing, the scandalous Red Light District, the I Amsterdam sign, and the stunning tulip gardens of Keukenhof, and many more, you’ll find the perfect place to take photos for your Instagram feed. So if you’re in the city, don’t forget to take your camera and your prettiest smile with you! Widen that pretty smile by going bagless to these fabulous locations by opting to store your unnecessary bags with Amsterdam Baggage Storage. Check out the list of the best instagrammable places in Amsterdam we have put together for you. Happy clicking!


Kick start your Amsterdam photo tour at Damrak. Why go here? The colorful narrow houses on the waterfront make for the most picturesque photos to take. The houses are located on a canal between Amsterdam Centraal Station and Dam Square. This place makes for an iconic photo opportunity as it is the most photographed and recognizable place. You can easily find pictures of the Damrak waterfront houses everywhere in Amsterdam. So come here to take your perfect shot of the iconic colorful waterfront buildings and busy streets. The narrow houses of Damrak are world-famous.


2.The Artsy neighborhood of Jordaan

This is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Amsterdam. It used to be home to working-class immigrants in the past, but today has transformed into a trendy area with indie boutiques, independent art galleries, hip restaurants, and bars. It is the most beautiful part of the city and most sought out for street photography. You’ll find plenty of instagrammable moments here, and if not, you can certainly find one in the tranquil spaces of a hofje. A hofje is a courtyard with almshouses around it, built in a U-shape with a garden around it. The hofjes were mostly for elderly-women. Jordaan is packed with beautiful houses, quirky shops, hofjes, and many cafés. Choose to capture the cool and hip image of Jordaan or the more serene and calm pictures of a hofje.


3.Bloemenmarkt or the Floating Flower Market

Bloemenmarkt is sure to blow your mind with an explosion of colors and sweet fragrance giving you the perfect place to capture the best instagrammable moments. The Floating Flower Market was founded in 1862 and it is the only floating flower market in the world. The Flower Market is always a vibrant place whether in the summer months or the winter months. If you are visiting Amsterdam in the summer months, capture beautiful shots of the colorful market selling pretty, fresh tulips of every color. Whereas if you are in the winter month of December, the Flower Market transforms into a winter wonderland selling a large variety of Christmas trees and holiday decorations. It is definitely an Instagram spot in Amsterdam. 


4.Wake Me Up When I’m Famous

Check out the “Wake Me Up When I’m Famous” sign in the De Pijp neighborhood of Amsterdam. This sign has taken the Instagram world by storm by both tourists and locals alike. Instagrammers throng this wall as it makes for a very quirky Instagram statement. The sign was painted by a local artist in 2013 when he decided to paint the slogan on a wall next to his house. It has since then become a sensation, quite a rage, and has become super famous. This sign is an instagrammable place you shouldn’t give a miss. The sign is a perfect street art photography opportunity too good to pass up a photo with. 


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5.The Rijksmuseum

When you are in Amsterdam, a trip to the Rijksmuseum is definitely worth a visit. It is one of the most popular museums in  Amsterdam dedicated to the arts and history of famous 17th-century Dutch masters like  Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and Johannes Vermeer. Not only will you find plenty of instagrammable moments inside the Rijksmuseum with the beautiful pieces of art but the building itself is as beautiful as the masterpieces inside the museum. The building was designed by Pierre Cuypers. It surely is one of the most instagrammable places in Amsterdam. The best shot to capture the Rijksmuseum is with its reflection on the water. 


6.The I Amsterdam Sign

The I Amsterdam sign is a superb way to announce your arrival in the city on Instagram. The sign is a  perfect photo opportunity for the most instagrammable places in Amsterdam. The huge sign is a city icon and one of the most photographed. Pose for a selfie at one of the signs just as you arrive at  Schiphol Airport outside Arrivals 1. There was another I Amsterdam sign just outside the Rijksmuseum but has now been removed as it attracted too many crowds of tourists to the already limited space. The letters are now randomly put up in different locations around the city to promote the lesser-known parts of the city. Another place where you can find the sign is the garden at the Hermitage Museum. Although it is a smaller version it is more peaceful to snap instagrammable selfies without a huge crowd thronging it. 


7.A’dam Tower

Head to the A’dam Lookout observation deck in A’dam Tower from where you can click the best panoramic instagrammable views. The A’dam Tower is located near Centraal Station. When here check out the “Over the Edge” as well. It is Europe’s Highest Swing located on the 20th floor of the tower. Take daredevil instagrammable selfies as you swing 330 feet high over the edge of the tower.  Swing back and forth and take thrilling instagrammable pictures of the city below your feet.


8.Brouwerij ‘t IJ

Brouwerij ‘t IJ is a Belgian-style brewery set up by musician Kasper Peterson next to the De Gooyer windmill. If you love beer, then this is the place to be. The brewery brews organic beer – a selection of about a dozen beers with rotating specials and seasonal features. Click instagrammable moments in Amsterdam in front of this historic windmill, or take a few selfies with the bottles of beer. This is an instagrammable beer heaven moment! Take a guided tour of the brewery, sample a few of them, and crack open a cold one at their large outdoor drinking terrace. What more can you ask for! If it is to store bothersome bags, we’ve got that covered for you. Simply choose to store your bags with Luggage Storage Amsterdam and enjoy your beer.



If you’re looking for a picture-perfect postcard shot of Amsterdam then you must come to Armbrug. It is a fixed bridge located just a short walk from Amsterdam Centraal Train Station. This is the city’s most iconic and photographed Amsterdam Instagram views. This popular photo spot is usually crowded full of people. It is also a favorite spot from which to photograph the Leeuwenburgh house at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 14, built in the year 1605. Get the best views and shots of the bridge and the narrow canal houses lining the water from a café called Cafe Aren’t Water, which is Dutch slang for a cafe on the water.



Solve your luggage storage with Vertoe Amsterdam and visit this cute little bridge, only a short walk from Rembrandtplein. The bridge is the perfect spot for an instagrammable picture of Zuiderkerk,  a 17th-century Protestant church in the Nieuwmarkt area of Amsterdam. The Staalmeestersbrug is a typical Dutch drawbridge in Staalstraat where it crosses the small romantic Groenburgwal Canal. The Staalmeestersbrug is also a love bridge similar to the  Pont des Arts in Paris. Many lovers have sealed their love to one another with padlocks on this bridge. Take a few instagrammable Amsterdam pictures with these love locks too!



If you are looking for peaceful instagrammable pictures of Amsterdam, Begijnhof is the spot to be. This place has a collection of old beautiful houses tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a great place to capture unique shots of a quieter Amsterdam.  Begijnhof was founded by the Catholic Church in 1346 for religious unmarried women who lived in a closed community under vows of chastity. These women cared for the sick and poor people of the city. Snap beautiful shots of the tranquil courtyard and also with the oldest house in Amsterdam which can be found here. The hofjes, a Dutch word for a courtyard with almshouses around it, are typical Amsterdam townhouses. Most of them are now privately owned.


12.Amsterdam Centraal Station

The Amsterdam Centraal Station is the main transit hub of the city with thousands of people passing through it. It is a beautiful blend of Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance style architecture and is as gorgeous as the Rijksmuseum as they were both designed by Pierre Cuypers. The red bricks of the building light up in a beautiful golden orange hue on a  sunny evening giving you perfect instagrammable shots of the station. Get to the top of the building onto the metal platform from where you can take beautiful pictures of the city. Or take close up shots of the details of the building, its clock, and windows. Walk inside the station as the platforms and halls are exciting spots to take pictures too.


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13.Keukenhof Garden

This is the Tulip Paradise of Amsterdam. Also known as the Garden of Europe, this is one of the world’s largest flower gardens. If you are visiting Amsterdam between  March to May, the Keukenhof Garden is the place to go for an instagrammable Amsterdam. The garden looks absolutely stunning featuring a collection of about 800 different tulips when they are in season and in full bloom. The garden also has other flowers like hyacinths, daffodils, lilies, roses, carnations, and irises. If you’re looking for a pretty, bright, and colorful picture in Amsterdam, visit the Keukenhof Garden and you will not be disappointed.


14.Inntel Hotels

The Inntel Hotels at Zaandam is probably a unique structure to see and capture in Amsterdam. The Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam is a 4-star hotel that looks like about 70 different houses have been stacked up together to make one big building. It is a clever eclectic canalside structure and design. The stacks of houses are the traditional house designs found in the region. The result is a unique but beautiful and colorful mix of small houses stacked together. It makes for a perfect Amsterdam instagrammable moment. Pose for a picture in front of the quirky hotel of Amsterdam.


15.Reguliersgracht: Seven Bridges

Reguliersgracht is a picturesque, tranquil canal in the center of Amsterdam. The canal is a perfect spot to view all seven bridges on the canal at once. The location of the Seven Bridges Amsterdam is the most sought after and photographed place. Many people come here to capture the perfect shot of all the seven bridges. This is another instagrammable Amsterdam moment. Also, note that all the bridges on the canals are lit up at night and make for the prettiest pictures. A magical, romantic sight thus, understandably, one of Amsterdam’s most photographed spots.


16.Our Lord in the Attic

This is perhaps the coolest and most unique church in the world. Back in the 1600s religious practices and mass were prohibited. That is how Our Lord in the Attic Church came into being. As the name suggests, the Church is spread across the top three floors of a 17th-century canal house. The church has been well preserved over the years, and you can take beautiful pictures of its several outstanding artworks. The church is complete with its  Baroque Altar, which is stunning in its own way. In all, the Church is a pretty picture to capture because of its unique color scheme, which is pretty pink. This is a small church and it could be a hassle carrying around unwanted bags. Choose to store it away with Baggage Storage Amsterdam to enjoy a hassle-free tour.


17.”The Fault In Our Stars” Bench

If you are a movie buff then you should go to “The Fault In Our Stars” Bench also called TFIOS Bench. Click some memorable instagrammable moments on the bench and relive the movie magic moment. TFIOS is a movie based on a novel by the same name written by John Green. There are plenty of benches in Amsterdam along the canal but the TFIOS Bench is by far the most popular made famous by the movie. It is located on the corner of Leidsegracht and Herengracht. Although the original bench has been replaced by another one, you can still take beautiful instagrammable shots of the famous bench spot.


18.The Prinsengracht Canal

The picture of a bike perched up on the Prinsengracht Canal is a must-have instagrammable picture of Amsterdam. It is an iconic image of Amsterdam that everyone relates to. Head to the Prinsengracht Canal to take a beautiful shot of the canal with a bike perched on it or of Westerkerk in the background. Weterkerk is a Reformed Church between the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht. The church looks striking in the backdrop of the Prinsengracht Canal. Take perfect instagrammable Amsterdam shots of the bike on the canal with Westerkerk in its backdrop.



Pllek is a restaurant/bar in the NDSM area. What is instagrammable about this place you say? This place features in the list of instagrammable places in Amsterdam because of its unique look. The place has been made entirely out of old shipping containers, recycled materials, and maritime objects. It is a 20-minute ferry ride from the Centraal Station, which is for free. The shipping containers are stacked to form a C shape and covered by a high curving roof. Take pretty cool photos of this unique photo spot. From the beach of the Pllek, also snap instagrammable shots of the ships going by on the IJ river.



If you fancy a whirlwind tour of European architectural styles then you must visit  Zevenlandenhuizen. Leave your bags with Vertoe Amsterdam before heading out for your whirlwind tour. This place is next to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Zevenlandenhuizen translates to “Houses of Seven Countries” in English. As the name suggests, the street has seven different architecturally inspired and styled houses from seven different countries in Europe. All of the seven houses were built by the Dutch architect Tjeerd Kuipers in 1894. It is one of the best-known works of Tjeerd Kuipers. Head to Zevenlandenhuizen with your camera and strike your best pose in front of one of the houses or take one in each of the seven. You will find the French House built to replicate the Loire Castle, Spanish House with Moorish influences, Italian House of a Palazzo, England House to that of an English cottage house, Russian House in Kremlin style, German House with pointed arches, and the Dutch Renaissance style in the Holland House. This is surely an instagrammable place to go to in Amsterdam.


21.NDSM Wharf

The NDSM Wharf is a former shipping wharf area in north-west Amsterdam. It has now transformed into a cultural hotspot with many festivals and exhibitions being held here. You will find plenty of instagrammable moments and spots here. There are more than 300 studios here and you will find lots of local artwork in many places. This place is also very well known for its street art and graffiti. Graffiti can be found decorating and beautifying old abandoned buildings and ship containers. The really famous artwork that captivates everyone is the 24 meters high mural of Anne Frank called “Let me be myself.” This mural was painted by Eduardo Kobra. Click a striking instagrammable picture of  Anne Frank. The NDSM Wharf is the spot to come to see street art in Amsterdam. With graffiti on almost every wall, you will find plenty of photo opportunities.


22.Molen Van Sloten

The Netherlands has always been associated with windmills for the longest time. Van Sloten is the only functioning windmill in Amsterdam. It is a draining windmill and controls the water level in the western part of Amsterdam. It is open daily to the public. On a bright sunny day, you could snap beautiful pictures of the windmill with clear blue skies above and the clear blue water below. It definitely looks like a perfect Amsterdam postcard picture. Grab your opportunity to go visit the windmill and take perfect instagrammable Amsterdam shots with the windmill.


23. Rembrandtplein

Rembrandtplein or Rembrandt Square is a major square in central Amsterdam. It was named after the famous Dutch master painter Rembrandt van Rijn. His statue has been erected right in the middle of the square and beneath him are life-sized bronze sculptures recreating his famous painting, The Night Watch. Come to the square and relive an instagrammable moment with a life-sized picture of the famous painting.


24.The Magere Brug

The Magere Brug, also known as the Skinny Bridge, is a bridge over the river Amstel. According to local legend, the bridge was named after two skinny well-off sisters who lived on opposite sides of the river. The wooden drawbridge is a famous bridge in Amsterdam. The cute white bridge is a charming old-style bridge and its white color gives a fresh look to the picture. It looks particularly beautiful at night when thousands of lights light up the bridge.


25.View of Amsterdam

End your Amsterdam Instagram trip with beautiful shots of the city from the top of Volkshotel in Amsterdam. You can capture the best views and instagrammable shots of Amsterdam from its main terrace. Click the most beautiful pictures of this amazing city during sunset hour. You will be surprised how beautiful the city looks from atop this hotel during sunset.


We have come to the end of our instagrammable places in Amsterdam. Store away your luggage with Amsterdam Luggage Storage, grab your camera, and go click some wonderful memories in Amsterdam.