15 Steps to Bag Packing Guide for London

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So you have decided to make a trip to London and are super excited about it. But before you even get there, you’ve got to get every detailed planning right to ensure a smooth and enjoyable holiday. Don’t stress. Simply read on and keep a few basic pointers in mind when you start packing. 

What I would normally do before any travel is to make a checklist of all the things I would require. Trust me, it helps. So let’s begin with our checklist.

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Step 1 

When I begin to pack, the first thing I like to tackle is to figure out my travel wardrobe. Keeping in mind the weather in London, you should choose your clothes wisely. London is known to experience all four seasons in one day. Do check the weather forecast before you travel and pack accordingly. But whatever the forecast might be, my advice is to carry something warm like a light jacket or a jumper even if you are visiting during the summer months. Keep a mix of casual wear and some evening wear just in case you decide to go somewhere fancy where a dress code is a must.


Step 2

Since we spoke about the weather, it is impossible not to point out that you should carry an umbrella or a raincoat and a waterproof bag. It is better to be prepared than to scuttle around looking for shelter from the rain. Pack a compact umbrella in your bag and choose a stylish raincoat that doesn’t put a damper on your style. It certainly is wise to carry a waterproof bag to keep your belongings from getting wet.


Step 3

Now that we’ve clothed the top half of our body, it is time to focus on our feet. I always recommend keeping comfortable walking shoes. London has plenty of tourist attractions to explore on foot. If not visiting tourist spots, even a simple walk down the streets of London will be more enjoyable if you wear the right kind of footwear. For example, a simple transit through Paddington Station could turn into a tourist stopover as the station is synonymous and famous for its association with Paddington Bear. You can instantly join the Paddington Bear tour if you are wearing comfortable footwear. And don’t forget to keep a fancy pair too to go with your evening wear.


Step 4

Outerwear sorted. The next in line is to take care of our looks. Packing toiletries is always a daunting task, especially for women. The trick here is to keep mostly the essentials and a few ‘pamper products’. I personally feel it helps to buy the small travel kit bottles to store some of your products. If you are an avid traveler, it will be practical to invest in travel kits. Toiletry bags are a good way to ensure that you carry things to a minimum and are organized as well.


Step 5

Now that we’ve established that we look good on our trip, we’ve got to capture those moments. Photographs have become a part of our daily lives now where we try and capture every single moment to cherish for a lifetime. And a holiday is a special event to cherish. Keep your camera, tripod, and whatever else you might need to get that perfect click. And if you don’t own a fancy camera, a smartphone with a selfie stick will do just fine. Pose and put on that gorgeous smile. You’ll still look fabulous.

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Step 6

In a day of modern technology, we cannot do without our gadgets. It has become an absolute necessity today. If you need one, then pack your laptop else I would advise carrying a tablet as it is small and compact and can do almost everything a laptop can. Don’t forget to keep chargers for your phones and tablets and a power bank too. It surely is very handy to keep one. Last but not the least, get yourself a travel adaptor and a converter too.


Step 7  

Next to keep are your medications, if you are taking any. Your holiday plans could go for a toss if you miss taking your daily medications. But before you do so, don’t forget to read up on the kind of drugs that are allowed to carry into the UK. Best to keep the doctor’s prescription lest it’s needed. Keep a small First Aid Kit too with all the essential cures and care for minor accidents, cuts, bruises, and illness. I find it particularly useful if you are traveling with younger kids. In today’s times of the Covid-19 pandemic, make sure to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer.


Step 8

Traveling to a new place means exploring and of course, a lot of shopping for souvenirs and mementos. Invest in a good and sturdy bag that is well spacious too. When packing, leave room for all the shopping you will bring back with you from London. Shop in Reagent’s Street, London’s most iconic shopping destination for high-end department stores and quirky boutiques, or Oxford Street, where you will find all the popular shops and department stores. If you are looking to shop on a budget, there are plenty of options too. Consider shopping at one of London’s flea markets to own a priceless antique or a vintage dress for a steal. Sounds like you will have to bring a big suitcase with you! 

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Step 9

Next in check is your currency. It’s always convenient to get your currency exchanged to GBP before your travel date. Yes, you will have all your cards with you but it is always convenient to carry some currency that you might have to use in certain places. My golden rule is to always go prepared.


Step 10

I find it best to keep all necessary travel documents organized in a travel wallet. If you do not have one, I recommend you get one. It makes transit a smooth process. It’s a one-stop-point for your ticket, passport, currency, cards, and documents. No more fumbling around in your bag looking for such things.  


Step 11

Everyone takes a piece of cabin luggage with them on airplanes. If you are wondering what is best to pack in cabin luggage, the answer is a little bit of everything that goes into your check-in luggage. Pack a couple of clothes and other necessary items like undergarments too. This is a smart way to pack and travel because if for any unforeseen reasons your check-in luggage does not make it with you, you won’t need to panic as you will have some spare. Also, important and valuable items should always be packed in your cabin luggage.


Step 12

Looks like our luggage is sorted. It’s time to focus on what we should carry while traveling. I like to carry a large tote bag when traveling. It is really easy to put things in and reach out for them when needed. I always carry one when traveling with my daughter. If you have kids, you know there are hundreds of things you must keep handy for your little one. Get a tote bag that defines your style and is practical too. 


Step 13

Travel pillows are on the list too. You will find most travelers walking up and down an airport with their travel pillows dangling from the side of their bags. A travel pillow makes long-haul flights more comfortable. Almost everyone sleeps on flights, whether it be a long-distance or short distance. Get a travel pillow that sits well on your neck. Look for one that is machine-washable too. 


Step 14

You’ve got the travel pillow. It’s now time to keep something warm and cozy like a shawl. The air conditioning in airplanes is always freezing cold. Something warm like a shawl or a jacket will keep you warm and comfortable while you doze snugly in your pillow.


Step 15

We’ve come to the last step on our list. The last item you will need for a relaxed and smooth trip is headphones. I recommend opting for noise-canceling headphones. Block out all that noise and listen to only what you want to hear. Put on your headphones and listen to your favorite music, spread that shawl around you, sit back, relax and fly smoothly to London.


Our checklist is complete. Hope you found this bag packing guide to London useful. A piece of additional information to women and mothers. Don’t forget to keep your makeup essentials to look gorgeous every day. And for mothers traveling with younger children, keep a pacifier for babies and a pack of gum or chocolate for younger kids. It helps to keep them comfortable especially during take-off and landing. 

Pack your bags and fly away to London. Store your luggage in London and make it an even memorable one without the hassles of lugging your luggage.