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Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Find a Vertoe location near you and book online

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Drop your bags at a Vertoe

Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Enjoy your day hassle-free!

Store your Luggage safely in Tokyo

Tokyo! Just marvel at the skyscrapers! The lights! The technology! The Japanese capital is no small wonder compared to other great cities and becomes even more enriching to tourists as more of it is explored. With a perfect balance between culture, technology, and history, Tokyo has become a global center of societal advancement and achievement. The only possible factor that could impede your once-in-a-lifetime experience in this immersive city is, of course, your luggage. Take advantage of our efficient, reliable, and accessible luggage storage services in Tokyo at a price of only JP¥792.01for a bag per day. Dispel as many material concerns as possible during your trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. 

Although Tokyo has many coin lockers at airports, train stations, malls, and major tourist attractions, the availability of coin lockers and size restrictions could be a struggle. Also, you will have to rent a large and extra-wide coin locker to be able to store your suitcases. Coin lockers are conventional methods to use for luggage storage. Apart from coin lockers, you can also opt to store your bags at the post office in Tokyo. However, the size of your bag is a restriction as you can only store small size bags at the post office. At Vertoe, we do not use lockers to store your luggage. Choose Luggage Storage Tokyo with Vertoe and say goodbye to all your luggage hassles.

Vertoe provides five components that are essential to customer satisfaction:

Firstly, Vertoe provides an easy way to book luggage storage through our website or mobile app.

Secondly, Vertoe luggage storage spaces are spread throughout Tokyo in neighborhoods like Asakusa, which retains the beautiful classic architecture of Old Tokyo. The Asakusa Station connects it to the other parts of Tokyo.

Thirdly, our customers will experience the most affordable luggage storage services, with prices of only JP¥792.01 per item per day of luggage storage. Note that payment is usually made with a credit card, and cash is rarely used in transactions other than for on-site location fees. For customers who wish to be more expeditious, we have our selection of exclusive premium stores.

Fourthly, Vertoe makes the security and privacy of your items its topmost priority. Vertoe boasts four locations throughout Tokyo with easy accessibility. Each of these luggage storage locations is verified by Vertoe and 100% reliable. Each bag is also fitted with a specialized tamper-proof seal at no extra fee to prevent it from being opened during storage. Also, all Vertoe bookings are covered by insurance of $5000.

Finally, a Vertoe user may store items in Vertoe Baggage Storage Service for any length of time, and as a bonus, will be eligible to receive special discounts for weekly or monthly bookings. Booking week-long storage and month-long storage with Vertoe will make you eligible for discounts of 15% and 30% off luggage storage, respectively. And if you wish to cancel your booking, you can do so at no extra fee.

Where can I store my Luggage in Tokyo?

Luggage storage in Tokyo is made easy with the presence of convenient Vertoe locations throughout Tokyo. A train station and an airport always have people traveling with a lot of luggage. Check in your luggage at any of our nearest service stores at a price of JP¥792.01 per bag per day. Easy payments can be made on the website with a credit card.

Luggage Storage Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. With its sprawling terminals and travelers from all over the world, it's not an ideal spot to hold your bags. 

Asakusa: Thanks to the service provided by Vertoe, visitors have the option of selecting from several locations. If you wish for an authentic Japanese experience, there is no place better to start than in this cultural center. Located approximately 18 km from Haneda Airport, this neighborhood is famous for its architecture reminiscent of old Tokyo, its bookstores, and its souvenir shops. The Asakusa Station connects you to other parts of Tokyo and makes it an easy transit stop.

Locations: With three to use, this neighborhood is quite possibly the most convenient area to store luggage. While two are located 12 miles from the airport, the third luggage storage service is located approximately 13 miles away from the airport. 

Why store here? A flight to Tokyo is bound to be tiring and monotonous, and experiencing Haneda Airport after stepping off of a day-long journey may be overwhelming. Where better to drop your bags and finally relax in this beautiful neighborhood? A short drive away, authentic sights and experiences, 100% reliable and efficient service, what else could you ask for?

Click here for information about Haneda Airport luggage storage.

Luggage Storage in Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is much more than a mere station in Chiyoda. Along with being a hub of transportation, it's a prime sightseeing spot, a center of business, and an important part of Tokyo's growth into the modernized metropolis it is today. The station itself serves as the gateway from Tokyo to the rest of Japan. Its network of Shinkansen railways allows speedy travel to the Japanese countryside, and its numerous buses are a feasible way for travelers to get around the city faster. Every inch of this urban nexus constitutes an adventure for clients looking to travel and explore Tokyo, and it is always best to do so without your bags. Of all the stations, the Shinjuku Station is the busiest transport hub in the world with about 3 million people per day passing through it.

For clients to fully devote their attention to taking in all the sights and sounds of Tokyo’s core, there are a pair of conveniently located locations in Tokyo. These locations have many charming bookstores and souvenir shops in their surroundings. 

There is one Luggage Storage near Tokyo Tower, which is 3.28 miles away.

Ogawamachi Station: there is a Vertoe luggage storage service approximately five miles away which could be useful to clients who wish to explore the entire neighborhood. Visiting Tokyo’s most active district can be overwhelming and chaotic sometimes. However, you can eliminate the risk of damaging or losing luggage during your visit by storing it in any of our surrounding Vertoe stores. 

Click here for information about Tokyo Station luggage storage

How to book luggage storage with Vertoe?

Vertoe provides a quick, efficient method to book luggage storage in Tokyo with the following simple easy steps.

  • To browse our services, simply access our main website or mobile app and select a city. Don't worry if you aren't too familiar with technology, both our platforms are user-friendly and filled with the same information.

  • To narrow your search for possible locations, type the address where you intend to reside during the booking period and Vertoe will provide the closest service store on our interactive location map. 

  • After selecting a city and location from the website, all that is left is to determine the duration of storage and items. The general price for an item for a day of storage is approximately JP¥792.01. However, discounts are available for bookings of longer duration. 

  • To find out about discounts and deals, visit the Pricing tab on our website or contact Cancellation for any booking is free. 

  • After completing the booking process, an alert will be sent to you and your chosen Vertoe location, notifying them in advance of your booking. This information not only contains the check-in/check-out times of your booking but a guide to travel to the booked location. Is the service worthy of five-star reviews? Yes! Keep in mind that among all these features, a premium service is still an option for those who want to access better Vertoe stores.

  • If you have any questions about rules, terms, or weight and size limits of bags, please email - or visit our FAQ page on our website or visit our YouTube channel. Vertoe does not use lockers so there are no size restrictions.

Things to do in Tokyo

Without the burden of carrying around personal belongings, the possibilities and opportunities in Tokyo are endless. The activities can range from cultural tours to sightseeing, to experiencing technological marvels such as the bullet train. We've taken the liberty of listing some interesting activities for you to do in Tokyo. Travel sites such as TripAdvisor LLC are helpful to find more activities.

One thing that Japan is famous for is its stunning and awe-inspiring cherry blossoms. Tokyo boasts some of the best cherry blossom tours in Japan. If your trip to Tokyo falls between late March to early April, you can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms in their full bloom.

For those who prefer an experience that involves excitement, the bullet trains (Shinkansen) of Japan await to whisk you to the farthest edges of the region. 

For relaxation, visit the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, a lush and serene park with plenty of open spaces to sit and be pleased and enjoy the beautiful green environment. It's one of the largest and popular parks in Tokyo. It's also one of the best spots to enjoy pretty cherry blossom sights.

As the sun starts to set, head down to the lovely Tokyo beaches to drink in majestic views of the Pacific Ocean swathed in an orange sunset glow. 

Also, visit Tokyo’s trendy Robot Restaurant. It's one of Tokyo's popular tourist attractions that combines robots, dragons, ninjas, blue-haired dancers, drums, neon lights, and loud music. You can be one of the few lucky ones to be served dinner by a robot!

If you enjoy the Old Tokyo vibe, visit the Senso-Ji Temple. Senso-Ji is the oldest Buddhist temple and also has Tokyo's biggest souvenir market. There are several train stations and hotels in this area. A reservation can easily be made for the latter.

The most iconic building in Tokyo is the Tokyo Skytree. Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower in the world and the second tallest structure after the Burj Khalifa. The structure has defined the Tokyo skyline for a decade and has been a symbol of Japanese pride and wealth. The highlight of Tokyo Skytree is its two observation decks. The first observation deck is 350 meters high and the second is at 450 meters.

Visit some famous Tokyo train stations such as Kyoto Station. The efficient station staff and ticket system are sure to interest you.

Walk around Shibuya, and explore Tokyo's commercial center. This area is also known as one of the fashion centers and a major nightlife area.

When in Tokyo, do take the time to visit Tokyo Disneyland. It's the first Disneyland set up outside of America. Immerse yourself in the Magic Kingdom and get lost in all the fantasies and fairy tale stories that everyone loves.

Exploring this city in depth is a unique experience, and our luggage storage service is the key to making it a truly unforgettable experience.

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