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  • 49.61 miles from Napa Valley
  • Address - shared in booking confirmation
  • Items insured up to $5000
  • Free cancellation


Mon - Fri7:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Luggage storage was conveniently located near BART and worked great. The only concern was that they had us put strap on luggage to lock it when we dropped it off but when it was returned to us, rather than cutting strap off in front of us, it was removed prior to returning luggage to us. That meant that it could have been removed at any time and someone could have gone through our bags. I asked about the security strap and was told that they had just cut it off in other room before returning luggage to us. Still, seems like they should cut it off in front of us after verifying that the security strap is same number as one we put on luggage when we dropped it off.

9th Jun 2019

Jayden Macklin-Cordes

Excellent, easy-to-use system. I appreciate the small details that make the experience stress-free, like how it’s not a big deal if you’re early or late to drop off/pick up your bags (just check the location’s opening hours!). The manager of our location didn’t give us zip ties and wasn’t the friendliest, which was a shame, but thankfully nothing seems to have gone wrong.

28th Apr 2019

Adriane Jaynes

On a recent visit to San Francisco, my plans for exploring the city changed unexpectedly on the last day and I was suddenly stuck with my bags. I figured that if any city had a solution for this, it would be San Francisco, so I googled "bag storage" and found Vertoe. I booked a storage spot nearby and spent a great afternoon exploring without hauling my bags around. Highly recommend! One tip - when booking, do pay attention to the hours of the business where you are dropping your bag. If they are closed when you get back, you'll be out of luck!

19th Apr 2019