Luggage Storage near
Clark/Lake Station



  • 9.7 miles from Jefferson Park
  • Address - shared in booking confirmation
  • Items insured up to $5000
  • Free cancellation


Mon - Tue11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Sun11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Wed - Sat11:00 am - 10:00 pm


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Alex Cleeter

Bad experience. I completed booking and was set up to drop off my bags for a few hours before I could check into my Airbnb in Chicago. I arrived at the establishment that Vertoe partnered with to find it closed. I had to figure something else out. Vertoe was a complete waste of money and time for me.

6th Jul 2019

Eric Sorg

The overall experience was decent. I honestly wasn't sure if this was a scam. Turns out - it's a real thing! And kinda a wonderful and useful thing. BUT - our first booking didn't show up - they had a problem with their employee (according to the person we called) and were not planning to open their business or show up until much later - a situation that really didn't work for us. I was irritated that there wasn't some sort of policy in place (or maybe there is?) where the business notifies Vertoe and Vertoe can set us up automatically w/ another booking before we bother hauling ourselves and our bags over. We took the train out to the business, stood around wondering why they weren't open yet, and made a series of calls (after spending time looking things up on our phones), all of which was pretty inconvenient and burned through our remaining free time. It actually altered our plans for the day. That said, once we had gone through those steps, Vertoe set us up with a replacement booking *very quickly* and I would say probably as close as they could - but we still had to jump on another train to get there. The booking we ended up with was conveniently located for our needs, friendly enough, and secure enough for us to feel comfortable enough. We had no issues from that point forward. Partly I thought, they should comp us on the service for our trouble; but then I thought, it's already pretty cheap, it's literally a fraction of the cost quoted on the train station's website for essentially similar service. I do feel that if there isn't already a policy in place, the service should have some way of making sure that these sorts of things are worked out in advance - that the business should be held responsible and have to call Vertoe, and Vertoe set up the replacement, before we leave the apartment and get on a train. Perhaps there should be a double-check 3 hours before drop off, where the business owner can click a button to indicate, yes, I'm still down, I'll still be there; and the business owner can foot the bill if they don't show up. Anyways, I still recommend it, and the service makes up for what is essentially a deficit in the Air BnB service, for cheaper than comparable services, as far as I can tell.

10th Jun 2019

Jeni Peake

Great system, some cafes a bit rude

2nd May 2019