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  • When you are in New York City, your mind wanders to a million different things you want to do. You are worried about how much you will be able to cover and have a long list of places you want to visit before your trip comes to an end. If you take a look at the people in NYC, they are always on the move — from home to workplace, from one meeting to another, rushing to a concert or even from one sale to another.

    ‘NYC is a city on the run. You have to learn to catch up with it’

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    So, how do you embrace the rhythm of the city and make the most of your time when you are in, what many call, the ‘Cultural Capital of the World’. You think of ways to organize your itinerary so you travel less and get more done. NYC is a well-connected city, where you can hop on the subway or rent a bicycle or walk the streets if you prefer.

    NYC is a place where you will be spoilt for choice — be it over numerous cuisines to shopping to entertainment to historical monuments and fun activities to do. So, whether you are in NYC for a business trip or on a holiday, you need to travel smart to be on time and enjoy the beauty of the city while you are on the go.

    ‘You are on a mission to make the most of every minute you are in NYC’

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    But, what if you have a lot of luggage with you? What are the chances of your trip becoming a nightmare? If you are on a business trip and need to crisscross the city for meetings, you can’t carry your bags with you. Or if you have checked out of your hotel and still need to go shopping, how would you do that with all your luggage trailing behind you?

    Don’t curse your luck just yet. Vertoe is the solution to make your travel easier. What if you could find a luggage storage spot near you wherever you are in the city, and you can drop off your excess bags? Quick and easy, with an added guarantee on your bags, you are now set to go about your business without a stressful thought.

    ‘Vertoe makes the experience comfortable for travelers in NYC’


    Vertoe is now open in 60 locations in NYC. Look no further for short and long term storage options and share this with your friends, so you can help them avoid the trouble of tiring travel.

    Log in to Vertoe for FAQSpricing and check out the ‘How it works’ video.

    Submitted by Abraham Vargheese and edited by Shwetha Shanthakumar.